Adityawarman & Marcella


Do Nu Skin with Heart” It all started with a box of LifePak that was bought with a loan from their parents. Such condition that remarked the moment when Adi and Marcella joined into Nu Skin business in June 2005. This couple started their Nu Skin business when they had to deal with financial difficulty because their previous "businesses were not successful. Since then, they both started to sell LifePak, box by box, to earn some money. That was how Adi and Marcella, together with Marcella’s parents, Leonard Tanzil and Lily Pandean, began their journey to reach a better life with Nu Skin. Even though they experienced a lot of obstacles in the beginning, the two couples refused to give up and even submitted a LOI in the first month. With all the uncertainty, Adi, Marcella, Leonard and Lily Pandean were finally able to close 1000 GV in the first month and completed 6000 GV within 5 months of qualification. “From the beginning, we knew exactly why we run this business. We worked to find a way to be successful. And the key is persistent, keep focus, and do the business with our heart.” Their very strong commitment to the business is built upon a great belief that with Nu Skin, they will be able to accomplish their dream – to be around their children and family while at the same time enjoy financial freedom.

It is the company’s mission to be a Force For Good, innovative products, as well as unparalleled business compensation plan that has made Adi, Marcella and their parents in no doubt of what the business can do for their lives. In two years, Nu Skin has changed the life of Adi, Marcella, Leonard and Lilly through their remarkable achievement as Blue Diamond. Being a Blue Diamond has encouraged Adi and Marcella, together with Leonard and Lily, to help others improving their lives and reach a higher level of success together with their downlines.