Qualification Rule for New Star And Star Creator

Qualification Rules for New Star and Star Creator 1

New Star:
1) Maintain as a real2 Ruby Executive/Executive Brand Partner* (or above) for a minimum of any 4 months (for the first time) within a 12-month rolling period.


2) The Qualification Month for the New Star is the 4th month that the New Star has maintained as a real2 Ruby Executive/Executive Brand Partner* (or above) within a 12-month rolling period.

Star Creator:

1) The upline Brand representative of the New Star in the Qualification Month for the New Star is called the Designated Upline of the New Star; and


2) The Designated Upline of the New Star will be considered as a Star Creator3 if he/she maintains as real2Ruby Executive/Executive Brand Partner* (or above) for a minimum of any 4 months during the Qualification Period within which the Qualification Month falls.

1. These qualification rules for New Star and Star Creator (hereinafter the “Qualification Rules”) are applicable to the incentive activities within the Greater China region.


2. Real Title:

2.1       Distributor under Wealth Maximizer plan cannot use grace month as qualified month for real title. If the first generation is a PEXEC or DEXEC, there must be at least one downline Breakaway Executive or above (regardless of generations) in order to be counted as a qualified G1 Executive and the Distributor is thus recognized as Real Title.

 2.2      Brand Affiliate under Velocity plan must meet the requirements below:


Real Title

Organizational Volume within the Paid Generation**

Senior Brand Partner


Executive Brand Partner


Brand Director


Senior Brand Director


Executive Brand Director


** Group Sales Volume plus G1 to G6 sales volume


3. If distributor/Brand Affiliate has selected to join Velocity plan during the qualification period, he/she can use any combination of the qualified months achieved under Wealth Maximizer plan and Velocity plan in order to qualify the NSA.


4. The Distributor/Brand Affiliate from the market outside the Greater China Region who has met the requirements as a Greater China New Star is qualified as a Global Star. The creation of a Global Star is also considered a Star Creator.


4. These Qualification Rules are applicable to the qualifications of 2018 Nu Skin Academy, 2019 Bali Success Trip and Centurial Star Expedition Leadership Bonus.


5. NU SKIN reserves the right to recoup the recognition received by the said qualifier or an amount equivalent to the recognition if any of the following occurs:
1) if the qualifier no longer satisfies the requirements for any NU SKIN recognition following a product return after deducting sales volumes of the returned products; or
2) if the qualifier violates NU SKIN’s Policies and Procedures or any applicable laws and regulations.

6. NU SKIN reserves the right to make changes, interpretation and final decision regarding any matters of these Qualification Rules.


7. In the event of any inconsistency between the Chinese version of these Qualification Rules and its English translation, the Chinese version shall prevail.

8. The following chart provides a comparison of the previous and new title. Until Velocity is fully implemented in all of Nu Skin’s markets, the previous title and the new title will be used interchangeably and with equivalent meaning in Nu Skin documents.


Previous Title

New Title

Preferred Customer



Brand Affiliate

Qualifying Executive

Qualifying Brand Representative


Brand Representative

Executive (Title)

Brand Representative


Brand Partner


Senior Brand Partner


Executive Brand Partner


Brand Director


Senior Brand Director

Blue Diamond

Executive Brand Director

Team Elite

Team Elite


*To qualify for any pin level you must meet all the requirements of the Sales Compensation Plan, including retail sales. Not all Distributors/Brand Affiliates succeed or make money. Generating meaningful compensation as a Distributor/Brand Affiliate requires considerable time, effort, and commitment. For more information about the Sales Compensation Plan of NU SKIN, please contact NU SKIN office at your home market or go to www.nuskin.com.