You are where a little of kindness goes (8 Jun, 2018)

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You are where a little of kindness goes

8 June, 2018


Greater China Regional Convention invites you to join the charity event for a million.


2018 is our 10th anniversary, and we are celebrating the new launch of our Nu Skin Greater China’s Children’s Heart Fund  project. We have live shows available for all to celebrate everything we have been going through over the past decade. We also offer a chance to hopefully let our partners join the charity sales for a million so they can contribute and show kindness to others. What are you still waiting for? Come and take a look. Let's see how you can contribute and show kindness to others. This year you can make a real difference at this Greater China Regional Convention because of your kindness to others!


Visit Disneyland with the Plenary Session: Get inspired by the spirit of helping each other

Thanks to all the distributors’ generous devotion and support over these 10 years,  Your donations help  children born with “heart-healthy” lives.. The ten-year cultivated achievement has made Nu Skin Greater China’s Children’s Heart Fund become the role model in the treatment of children heart disease in Greater China. This time, the Honorary Directors Annual Meeting welcomes you to witness Nu Skin’s 10 years of great work at Hong Kong Disneyland. This will be the date of Nu Skin's exclusive night when we go to see the amazing show at the Lion King Theater on June 19, 2018. It’s a great chance for our partners to experience the beauty of music and art.


Force for Good Night : Our Revolution brings you a visual feast

The complete innovative program brings you a visual feast full of novelty and originality, a definite good fit for everyone. There will be interactive programs to give you complete refreshing feelings. Don’t miss out on such a wonderful night!


June 20, 2018 Nu Skin’s Got Talent Show will be extraordinary, come and devote your power of well-being

Our outstanding partner team members with excellent performance will bring their extraordinary talent show to this magnificent stage. You are welcome to cast a vote of support, cheer for your favorite team, and devote your power of well-being.


The Charity Sales for a Million helps 10 children to regain “heart-healthy” lives

This year, 2018, is the 10th anniversary of Nu Skin Greater China’s Children’s Heart Fund, we hope to invite all of you to join us, actively participate in the charity sales to help 10 children born with complex congenital heart disease to regain “heart-healthy” lives.


Take a look first! Let’s see how these exclusive products for charity sales were made by craftsmanship, which can have great significance:


  • Nu Skin Greater China’s Children’s Heart Fund 10th anniversary limited-edition gift box: Everything in the gift box was made of colorful materials to resemble the colors of Nu Skin Greater China’s Children’s Heart Fund. You are able to stay close  with child patients and Nu Skin Greater China’s Children’s Heart Fund.
  • “Love like a voice message” pure silver sound-wave necklace: The charm is made in the shape of a child patients’ sound wave, you can hear the child patient’s gratitude when you scan the QR code printed on packaging box. Wear the necklace in front of your chest to let the warmth stick to your heart. 
  • Empty bottle recycling 1+4 storage bag: The concept of environmental protection is integrated with 1+4. All storage bags are made from recycled empty Nu Skin product bottles. When experiencing the magic glamor of empty Nu Skin product bottles, the bag becomes your great business partner.
  • Nourish the Children (NTC) 16G USB: A high quality metal-textured case is printed with the logo of Nourish the Children program and decorated with splendid small crystal diamonds. The sleek appearance is combined with good storage capacity (16GB). Whether taking it as a commemorative collection or giving it to friends and family as a gift, or using it as a daily essential, it’s an absolute must-buy.
  • Limited souvenir set with signature: Heavyweight guests are invited to sign their own autograph for the set, quantity is limited, please place orders as soon as possible!