“Star Creator Reward Scheme "Believe in Yourself and You'll Fly High (4 May, 2018)

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“Star Creator Reward Scheme "Believe in Yourself and You'll Fly High

4 May, 2018



Since the launch of “Star Creator Reward Scheme” in Fresh Fish Traders' School, over 300 students have been recognized for their improvement on academic performance and moral conduct. They are encouraged to contribute to their families by their efforts.  


On the 25th of April (Wednesday), it was our honor to invite Mr. Benny Chung of Nu Skin volunteer team to be the guest of honor for the award ceremony again. It was his second time to share the joy with students of this school. Benny always has a growing mindset and looks for a breakthrough in his career and personal development. He believes each of us has different strengths which can guide us to the dream. During the ceremony, he sang a song to students in the hope of inspiring them to discover the best self through the lyrics – “All my hopes and dreams shall be everlasting as I take flight on the invisible wings.”