NU SKIN Volunteer Team Green Workshop with “Little Big Master” (July 14, 2017)

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NU SKIN Volunteer Team
Green Workshop with “Little Big Master”

July 14, 2017


Nearly 30 volunteers of NU SKIN Volunteer Team partnered with primary students from Tung Tak School to lead a Green Workshop for children from Yuen Kong Kindergarten in Yuen Long (the movie “Little Big Master” was based on its story). Children attended different workshops including English, arts and sports to learn about the concept of environmental protection. On that day, our volunteers had a chance to learn and interact  with the children and all of them were having a great time of learning and teaching. 



The NU SKIN volunteers who attended the activity are as below (listed not in sequence): (AM) Sandy Chan (Captain), Oki Chan (Vice Captain), Samantha Wong, Andy Lam, Anna Ko, Judy Chan, Jamie Zhang and Nam Nam Zhu. (PM) Almond Leung (Captain), Wendy Yew (Vice Captain), Miranda Kwan, Carrie Chui, Linda Lin, Chole Choi, Tony Cheung, Rebecca Ng, Jamie Chau and Poon Yuk Mei.


“I am thankful of having this opportunity to meet these children. I can’t believe these little teachers can be so caring and patient to teach the kindergarten kids. Well done!!! Keep going, my little teachers!” said Sandy Chan.


“I have learnt to be more tolerant and caring to every single child. This activity is very meaningful.” said Oki Chan.


“A happy day which helps me discover a better self!” said Anna Ko.


“Having a very happy day with children.” said Judy Chan.


“Today is the happiest and most innocent day to me. I haven’t been to school for a long time! Spending time with children recalled my memory of being a kindergarten teacher years ago. I am so thankful! Hope I can have more chance to participate in this kind of activities. I can see the  teachers have prepared a lot for this Green Workshop, and they have taught the  students with all  their hearts.” said Jamie Zhang.


“I have gained a lot with the children during the sports activity. When we were teaching the children about the importance of eco-friendly, we need a lot of patience which the little teachers did really great on that. Hope that there will be more similar activities tohelp the children grow happily. When I see the children make progress, I feel satisfied.” said Nam Nam Zhu.


“I am very happy to see how students from Tung Tak School teach the kindergarten kids to make handcrafts using daily waste. I could feel  their kind hearts when they were teaching. It was justlike what we do when cooperating with our business partners. We have to stay diligent, patient and happy in order todiscover a better me!” said Almond Leung.


“I am happy to spend an afternoon with children from both primary school and kindergarten. They are so adorable and the workshop is very meaningful that they could learn how to be eco-friendly. I have learned about sharing from the children and discovered a better me!” said Wendy Yew.


“I have met a teacher with the same name as mine and I saw the children strive their best to be a little teacher! The children are very proactive in answering teachers’ questions. What made the day more pleasant is that I met  a retired teacher whom came back to her old place and discovered a better self together with us!” said Miranda Kwan.



“The activity is very meaningful and I was very happy. I got to learn to clean the ocean and protect the environment with the children. Thanks Nu Skin of having me in this enjoyable and meaningful day.” said Carrie Chui.


“I am happy that I could join this Green Workshop held by Nu Skin. Learning the concept of eco-friendly together with the children in Tung Tak School is like spreading our company vision: Have faith to discover the best you in the future.” said Linda Lin.


“I have to thank Nu Skin for inviting me to join today’s volunteer activity, I feel very honored to become part of the workshop. The environment of Tung Tak School is very comfortable and I could have chance to learn about the concept of eco-friendly which is very meaningful. Looking forward to the next time…” said Chloe Choi.


“This is a very meaningful activity, it’s my first time being a volunteer and it’s my first time to attend Nu Skin’s volunteer work. Hope I can attend more in the future.” said Tony Cheung.


“I am happy to work as a volunteer with primary school children. In the activity, I saw the students from Tung Tak School are very patient to teach the kindergarten kids. This activity has taught students and also myself to become a responsible, patient and kindhearted person. ” said Rebecca Ng.


“I am very happy to be a volunteer and I am even happier as I could have chance to play with so many kids. Every time when I participate in volunteer activities, I always want to find ways to do more and contribute more. I hope that I could be more and more self-devoted .” said Jamie Chau.


“It is important to learn to be eco-friendly from a young age. It is very meaningful that a group of primary school children could lead the kindergarten kids to learn about this concept as well as showing careto them.” said Poon Yuk Mei.