NU SKIN Volunteer Team Tai O Day Trip – Invited to join volunteer activity of Serve-a-thon Hong Kong (May 26, 2017)

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NU SKIN Volunteer Team –
Invited to join volunteer activity of Serve-a-thon Hong Kong

May 26, 2017


Serve-a-thon—an international campaign that runs in more than 75 major cities worldwide comes to Hong Kong for the first time with the support of Hong Kong Council of Social Service and HandsOn Hong Kong. They aim at uniting the city to engage in community service. Thank you for the support and effort paid by NU SKIN’s business partners in the past 10 years, NU SKIN Force for Good gained recognition, and was invited to participate Serve-a-thon Hong Kong this year. Also, NU SKIN is the only direct selling company joining this mega event.


26 volunteers of NU SKIN volunteer team helped to prepare raw vegetables in Food Angel, and prepared meal box to serve over 100 under-resourced elderly. They sang and entertained the elderly before the meal, while the elderly beat time to the music as well. The volunteers were touched when they saw the smile on the beneficiaries’ faces. They also make better understanding towards food recycle, the importance of reducing food waste and the needs of the underprivileged through this activity.


The NU SKIN volunteers who attended the activity are as below (listed not in sequence): Wong See Chi (Captain), Maggie So (Vice-Captain), Andrew Lam, Mak Yee Shan, Lam Pui Pui, Cheung Wai Ho, Joe Shum, Yu Chu Fong, Wong Tsz Kwo, Cheng Ni Na, Lee Wing Tung, Robert Kwan, Leung Pak Wai, Yau Chin Yee, Wong Siu Ping, Riko Au, Wong Chin Yui, Bertha Tsang, Tang Yuen Wai and Cheung Suk Yin. Their sharings are as follows:


“The volunteer activity is meaningful. Our service target is to serve the elderly who contributes to Hong Kong in the past. I really enjoy the interactions with them and admire the mission of Food Angel regarding ‘Waste Not, Hunger Not, With Love’. We need to cherish what we have and try our best to help those in need. Be a giver, spread love to the others,” Wong See Chi said.


“This is my 15th year in NU SKIN and I appreciate NU SKIN for organizing the activity with Food Angel today to serve the elderly. Their adorable expressions when hearing us sing and the satisfied look after enjoying the dinner remind me of my parents who passed away.” Maggie So said.


“One’s achievement cannot only be counted by his fame and fortune but also counted by how his life affects lives. The arrangement of NU SKIN is definitely meaningful. All the participants swear to pursue Force for Good with NU SKIN when we saw the elderly show their gratitude to us in their eyes,” Andrew Lam said.


“The society really needs our help. Spending a little bit time can already help many elderly. It was so touching especially to see the smile on their faces when they heard us sing. I hope I can help more people in need in the future,.” Mak Yee Shan said.


“It is more blessed to give than to receive! I enjoy this activity a lot. I have also determined to show more care to my friends.” Lam Pui Pui said.


“Although Hong Kong people always join volunteer work and donate money, most of them are detached towards the people in need. These people need our care. Let’s show our care to the people in need!” Cheung Wai Ho said.


 “I can feel lots of love in the volunteer activity today,” Joe Shum said.


“Thank you NU SKIN for arranging such a meaningful activity. I understood that many people need our care in the society after talking to the elderly today. I would definitely join more of the volunteer works and show more love and care to the society,” Yu Chu Fong said.


“I seldom participate in volunteer work. I thought it would be tiring but the time passed so fast. I am happy to help other people. The elderly beat the bowl like a kid when they hear us singing. I like the concept of Food Angel that it is important to respect the beneficiaries. The activity also reminds us the importance of reducing food waste,” Wong Tsz Kwo said.


“Food Angel rescues food, reduces food waste and helps the families in need. Some organizations also donate the food waste with nice quality to Food Angel. I am happy to see the elderly going home with a smile on their faces. What Food Angel provides them is not only food but also love and respect. I am lucky to gain the opportunity from NU SKIN to experience in helping others.” Cheng Ni Na said.


“I am thankful that I can join the volunteer work of NU SKIN. I am also happy that there are organizations like Food Angel to serve the older generations who contributed to Hong Kong,” Lee Wing Tung said.


“Such a touching and memorable event for my wedding anniversary with my wife,” Robert Kwan said.


 “I am happy to serve the elderly and the community,” Leung Pak Wai said.


“Love connects people! The activity today is very meaningful. I would like to join more of these events in the future,” Yau Chin Yee said. 


“I am thankful to gain the opportunity to join this activity. Many people still need our help. I hope to meet more friends on the road in pursuing Force for Good, to encourage more people as well as children to serve the community, turning Hong Kong into a better city,” Wong Siu Ping said.


“Thank you Food Angel for educating us to treasure food and to give us an opportunity to serve the elderly. This is such a valuable experience. I had a great time,” Riko Au said.


“It was meaningful and I experienced ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive’. The elderly said thank you to us when they receive the food. This makes me very happy,” Wong Chin Yui said.


“I am happy to participate in the volunteer activity by NU SKIN and Food Angel today, to help the elderly and witness their satisfied look after enjoying the dinner. Please treasure the food!” Bertha Tsang.


“I promise that I will contribute the community with more love and care,” Tang Yuen Wai said.


 “I am so happy and I have learned a lot from the elderly. An old man bowed to me to express his gratitude. Even I just distributed the food to them, they could feel the love. Let’s spread love together!” Cheung Suk Yin said. 

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