NU SKIN Volunteer Team Tai O Day Trip – Cleaning the Beach (April 13, 2017)

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NU SKIN Volunteer Team
Tai O Day Trip – Cleaning the Beach

April 13, 2017



In order to let students from Tung Tak School knowing Island culture of Hong Kong, caring our environment and serving the community, they was enjoying their first trip to Tai O the day before, with the accompany of our passionate members of NU SKIN volunteer, in a team of nearly 90 people. The trip began with visiting the villages and seafood market in Tai O, enjoying some popular snakes, followed by cleaning the Cheung Sha Beach in Lantau Island.


Tung Tak School is one of the few villages school in Hong Kong, which has more than 60 years of history, over the years committed educating children in Kam Tin and the nearby villages. This is the first time of most of the students visiting Island District, even taking ferry. They can only learn the knowledge of Island in textbooks. NU SKIN works with the school to teach students to have a better understanding of the course, and at the same time to clean the beach as the end of the event, so that students can understand the importance of protecting the environment, which allows students to understand they can also “giving” to the community but not only "taking” from others. The concept of “teaching man to fish” is promoted.


Children were excited to walk along the vintage settings in Tai O, while our volunteers were introducing them around. To the volunteers’ surprise, the kids were undaunted to pick all rubbish on the beach. They had a great chance to study the unique culture in Tai O, and to understand the importance of protecting the nature, knowing that they have the ability to help even they are underprivileged. They had a meaningful day. 



The sharing of NU SKIN volunteers who attended the activity are as follows (listed not in sequence):

Teresa: This is my first time visiting Tai O and meeting students from Tung Tak School. They are all very polite and obedient. I feel thankful for them that their teachers are passionate and taught well. I was delighted to be a volunteer and we are Force for Good!


Pauline: I am so excited and delighted to meet students from Tung Tak School, as well as my partners today for this event. I enjoyed our time to visit around the Island and clean the beach. It was a memorable experience and I would be delighted to join next time! It’s a great memory and let’s be Force for Good together!

Kan Kam Sheung: It is enjoyable to work with students and enhances their awareness of environmental protection.


Fanny: It was a lovely and enjoyable day for me. I enjoyed meeting Tung Tak students and I was satisfied with their smiling faces! It is a wonderful experience.


Renee: Thank you NU SKIN for bringing me to Tai O for the first time. I enjoyed meeting the students and delighted to see them doing volunteer work as well. I am moved to see all of us working as a whole to contribute to our society.


Pakie: I am glad that I joined. The kids I met were all friendly, kind and obedient. We spent a lot of time chatting and cleaning the beach. We got along well and I wish to join again!


Jessica: The kids were overwhelmed to take the ferry and visit Tai O for the first time. It was out of my expectation that they are devoted to clean the beach. Also, it was a nice opportunity to have a cultural exchange with students of different nationalities. 


Winnie: I am happy to join this event. I believe that it was the first time for many of the kids to take a ferry and visit Tai O. I believe they also enjoyed it a lot.


Cara: I did not know until today that many of the kids in Hong Kong have not been in a ferry before. This is a meaningful event that it was our first time visiting the villages in Tai O, as well as for them. I enjoyed the trip and I am delighted to have met the kids.


Jo: All children are from various backgrounds, nationalities, but they get along well in the same school. They are pure and lovely, and many of them have enormous dreams chasing. Even though they are young, they have made wonderful plans for their future. I therefore make my greatest wish for their success.


Ka Kee: This event is very meaningful. Children are enjoying themselves a lot. Also, this is my first time to Kam Tin.


Mable: I was very glad to have a chance to participate in this special event. Although it was long, seeing all the smiling faces on all the children made it so worthwhile!


Janice: Students asked why I would do voluntary work. This is because we want to raise awareness of environmental protection of students and hope that this event implanted their initiate to be volunteers in future!

Connie: It is disappointing that after years of education on environmental protection, we cannot see a lot of improvement. I am glad to join the students to clean the beach and contribute to the community.


Pamela: After our visit to the beach, I was shocked that the awareness of environmental protection in Hong Kong is weak. Still, the students impressed me with their passion in cleaning the beach and studying the culture of Tai O.


Yvonne: Although it was my third time to visit Tung Tak School, I managed to have more connections with the students and teachers this time. Together with a few kids through the trip, I was filled with joy and laughter. I was so surprised by their knowledge towards social issues. I have confidence in the future Hong Kong with them. Thanks kids! And thank you for the teachers from Tung Tak School.


Austin: It has been awhile I participate in a voluntary event. It is a meaningful event. I would continue to support Force for Good!