NU SKIN Volunteer Team Taking a Ferry Tour in Victoria’s Harbour (March 3, 2017)

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NU SKIN Volunteer Team
Taking a Ferry Tour in Victoria’s Harbour

March 3, 2017



In a warm and sunny day, NU SKIN volunteers led kids from the Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children to enjoy a ferry tour in Victoria’s Harbor. 12 kids are all very excited since it is the first time for them traveling ferry. Under the warming sun and spring breeze, the children counted the no. of ships passing by and skyscrapers from the two sides of the Harbor. Both volunteers and children had a lovely and enjoyable morning and did not hope the activity to end so soon.


The NU SKIN volunteers who attended the activity are as below (listed not in sequence): Ngan Miu Ming Becky (Captain), Woo Wai For Thomas (Vice-Captain), Eva Kwok, Marco Lee, KK Chan, Lau Kam Wai Rita, O Pui Kwan, Ngan Miu Bing Mindy, Danielle Sun, Maggie Tang, and

Augusta Kwok. Their sharings are as follows:


“The children could own more life experiences and could broaden their horizons in this activity. Thank you NU SKIN for letting me to experience Force for Good. I love NU SKIN!” said Ngan Miu Ming Becky.


“I practiced Force for Good in this activity. It was meaningful and it granted the children an opportunity to learn beyond home and school. I would love to join the volunteer activity again!” said Woo Wai For Thomas.


“I enjoyed every NU SKIN volunteering. The children were energetic and adorable. This ferry tour was meaningful! I hope I can participate more in such activities” said Eva Kwok.


“I was delighted to play with the kids and to experience how to take care of the children. I want to participate in the volunteer activity in the future!” said Marco Lee.


“It was heartwarming when I saw the children’s smile during the tour!” said KK Chan.


“These children were more mature and independent than the other children at the same age” said Lau Kam Wai Rita.


“I want to provide more love and care to the children” said O Pui Kwan.


“I am blessed to give love to children and to support Force for Good. I hope that I can do more volunteer work in the future” said Ngan Miu Bing Mindy.


“The activity offered me new insights and I was happy to see the children’s smile. I would like to join the activity next time!” said Maggie Tang.


 “The children were very excited during their first ferry tour. This reminds me that we should be brave to start our first step to discover the better self” said Augusta Kwok.

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