NU SKIN Volunteer Team Visited – Kowloon Park with HKSPC’s Kids (October 28, 2016)

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NU SKIN Volunteer Team Visited
Kowloon Park with HKSPC’s Kids

October 28, 2016


NU SKIN volunteers visited the Kowloon Park with kids from HKSPC in this breezy day. The children could have the chance to play in the nature. And volunteers are delighted to see their happy faces which remind them of their childhood. They run and played in the park freely.

The NU SKIN volunteers who participated in the activity included (listed in no particular order): Thomas Woo (Captain),Tam Yee Man (Vice-captain), Wong Chi Ming, Ngan Miu Ming, Mimi Tse, Rita Lau, Ken Chan, Ringo Yue, Tatrex Cheng, and Tang Mei Kwan.
Sharing of the NU SKIN volunteers as below:

‘Thanks NU SKIN for organizing the volunteer activity. This activity let me experience “It is more blessed to give than to receive”. It also provided the kids an unforgettable experience!’ said Thomas Woo (Captain)

‘The children are well-behaved. I showed my love and care to them throughout the activity. I enjoyed a lot and I hope to have more chances to join such activities in the future.’ said Tam Yee Man (Vice captain).

‘I have not taken care of children for almost 30 years. It was a tough for me to play with the kids but it was a nice experience.’ said Wong Chi Ming

‘These kids will be the pillar of our future. We could show our love and care to them through this activity.’ said Ngan Miu Ming

‘I have never thought about volunteering because of my busy work. I was an indifferent person in the past, but NU SKIN provided me the opportunity to volunteer. Our society can be more harmonious if we are willing to give more love. This is what NU SKIN doing now. ’said Mimi Tse

‘I was sad when I saw many lovely kids who had lost their parental care. Parents should provide a warm family to their children. Having a happy family is inevitable.’ said Rita Lau

‘Children should grow up under a good environment. HKSPC has provided a lot of support to them. I will support the volunteer activities organized by NU SKIN!’ said Ken Chan

‘Nice experience! This activity recalled my lovely memory of taking care of kids. ’said Ringo Yue

‘It is happy to meet well-behaved and Self-disciplined kids.’ said Tatrex Cheng

‘Such a meaningful activity! Other than just helping the kid, I have also learned to be patient and be true to them so that they would get close to us. I was satisfied. Thank you!’ said Tang Mei Kwan