Celebrating the global accumulated VitaMeal has reached 500 million packs (September 2, 2016)

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15 Years of Perseverance
Celebrating the global accumulated VitaMeal has reached 500 million packs

September 2, 2016


Each VitaMeal can create a smile. With constant support from NU SKIN sales persons, customers, and employees, the accumulated number of purchase and donation has cheerfully exceeded 500 million in this month. Our Nourish The Children project would not be so successful without your kind hearts. We are grateful to have your support in these 15 years.


‘Nourish The Children’ project was launched in 2002 in the United States. It aims at providing nutrition to children who are suffering from malnutrition and famine around the world in a sustainable manner. Thanks for your love and dedication, the total number of donated VitaMeal keeps refreshing its record. In 2016, which is the fifteenth year after ‘Nourish The Children’ project has been launched, VitaMeal is providing on average 150,000 children with nourishment every day. If we link all those 500 million packs of VitaMeals together, the length is equivalent to 1.5 of the Great Wall. If we stack them together, it will be equal to 3,528 Eiffel Towers and 280 Mount Fuji. 500 million packs of VitaMeals can sufficiently provide 50,000 customers in Disneyland three meals a day for 3,333 days. Behind the 500 million packs, they are the love and dedication from you and me.


It is heartwarming to think of the impact of providing 500 million meals to malnourished children,”“Reaching such a significant milestone is a testament to the compassion and generosity of NU SKIN’s sales persons, customers and employees and to the collective good we can do. We are a powerful family. Not only do the contributions feed hungry children, but they increase opportunities for learning and bring hope to those individuals and nations in need.”

—Steve J. Lund, Executive Chairman of the Board and Executive Director of Nourish the Children.


500 million packs of VitaMeals have created 500 million smiles. We thank all of you who have accompanied us to reach this milestone. 500 million packs is just a brand new start, we would strive to create more smiles in the future. Let’s spread the Force for Good and start a new journey!