2016 NU SKIN ‘Force for Good Day’ DISCOVER THE BEST YOU (July 15, 2016)

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2016 NU SKIN ‘Force for Good Day’

July 15, 2016

2016 NU SKIN Action

NU SKIN Force for Good Day 2016 finally comes to a successful end. Thanks so much to the love and efforts from all our business partners and family members, you made the activity fruitful. We received 20,307 clothes in total in the Greater China Region. The average donated clothes per person have increased by 4 compared to last year. It showed the continuous passion and Force for Good power from our business partners and family members all the way.

* Our business partners and family members showed their love and effort to Force for Good Day 2016


Protecting Our Environment to Discover a Better Future
Clothes donations always help our environment being much green. NU SKIN keeps contributing the Force for Good to our environment to discover a better future all the time. Cycling 1 clothes could reduce much carbon dioxide for our earth. This year, through our Force for Good Day activity in Greater China, we accumulated reduce around 150,000 KGs of carbon emissions.


Spread your love to Hong Kong and Macau
Force for Good Day combined the idea of reducing carbon emission from World Environment Day and proposed Discover the Best You as our theme this year. In Hong Kong and Macau, 663 clothes are collected and donated to the Salvation Army. The donated goods will be selling in Family Stores in Hong Kong and Macau after sorting. The net proceeds will be using in the community programmes launched by the Salvation Army. Some of the donated goods will be directly delivered to the people in need, such as home alone elderly, the homeless, ex-prisoners, and CSSA recipients.


Force for Good People Do Not Asks for Rewards
NU SKIN business partners and family members have kind hearts like many other donors. They just want to help more people without asking for rewards.

* Business partners are tidying up their clothes for donation

The unsung heroes hope to help people in need to improve their quality of life. This is also one of the characteristics of NU SKIN which has formed a prevailing wind of Force for Good around the globe.


More blessed to give than to receive- The voice of our donors

‘Everyone has their preferences in how to dress. Sometimes we would buy similar style of clothes. But we may not need that much after that. A quarter of my donated clothes are brand new. I hope to donate the clothes to those who in need through this activity and endow the clothes with new values.’


‘I like fantasizing. When I collected my friends’ clothes, I would wonder what they were thinking when they bought and threw away their clothes. I would even think about the emotions of the people who will receive them. It is a bliss that we can donate our cloths and we should be grateful of that.’

In this materialistic world, it is not easy to win over your desires. But we should think thoroughly before we buy and donate the extras to the needy. It is more practical and happier than to regret.

To pass the Force for Good

Every clothes represents a kind heart. We not only hope to create new values for the clothes, but more importantly, to continue the force for good.

*NU SKIN business partner is donating with her son.

It may not be a trend today to help people around you. Force for Good is exactly working on encouraging more people to share their love. A NU SKIN business partner even brings along her son to share their Force for Good together and educate him to be a new power of Force for Good.


Discover the Best You

‘Shopping is the nature of women. We sometimes would have impulsive purchase and then lock the clothes in closet. This is such a waste. A jacket I donated was bought when I went to Malaysia. But when I came back I just put it into the wardrobe and never wore it again. I hope to deliver it to the needy through this activity and let it have new values.’


‘I hope to bring blessing to others via donating clothes. I wish the clothes could meet good owners and discover the best self.’



Sharing the Force for Good

A girl called her friends for action and collected a full box of clothes. And a mother brought her son to give me a bag of clothes under the sun. The neighbor who used to work in garment industry donated many new clothes with tags. A woman in beauty industry asked her customers to donate together. No matter students, neighbours, family, person who we know or don’t know, we are all connected by the


Force for Good

Force for Good is not from the clothes we donated, but from you. Thank you for supporting NU SKIN Force for Good Day 2016. Let’s spread our contagious smiles and deliver our love, and most importantly, continue to be the Force for Good.