Ma Wan Summer Fun Fun Fun (June 17, 2016)

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Ma Wan Summer Fun Fun Fun

 June 10, 2016



Everyone loves to go to the beach in summer. That is the reason why NU SKIN volunteer team brought 14 children from the Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children to play and watch the scenery at Ma Wan beach. Volunteers and kids enjoyed playing there. Volunteers were happy to see the smiling faces of kids. In the afternoon, children ate a lot may be it is due to they had done a lot of exercises.


The NU SKIN volunteers who attended the activity including (listed not in sequence): Rowena Chan (Captain), Sandra Hui (Vice-Captain), Rikki Lau, Grace Yeung, Emily Wan, Mary Lee, Sui Chan, Jennifer Li, Kammy Chan, Vincy Cheung, Gigi Lau and Angela Chan .


The sharing of volunteers are as follows:


‘The kids were very cute. I wanted to provide a great morning and nice memory to children by playing with them.’ Rowena Chan said.


‘The weather of that day was nice. I was happy when playing with the lovely kids. They recalled my childhood. I hope I can play with them soon. Thanks NU SKIN for the great arrangement!’ Sandra Hui said.


‘This activity was meaningful. I found kids need the love and care by adults. I hope I can continue support the volunteer program.’ Rikki Lau said.


‘I was happy because the children are lovely and independent. They were well behaved although they are young.’ Grace Yeung said.


‘I felt great to make friend with kids. I feel contented to watch the kids playing actively and having food happily.’ Emily Wan said.


‘I was glad to join this activity because I could play and have lunch with children. It was happy to communicate with them.’ Mary Lee said.


I was happy and unforgettable to play with children on the beach. They were lovely and mature. I hope I can join again.’ Sui Chan said.


‘I was happy to find children become active gradually. Also, they were just 2-3 years old but they can take care themselves. Kids of HKSPC behaved better compared with most of the children of Hong Kong, since they only focus on the mobile phone game and have to be feed.’ Jennifer Li said.


‘I was sad due to the child in my group was cry and rejected stranger like me at the beginning. However, I was satisfied and we were friend after we played on the beach. I enjoyed communicate with kids because they are true and pure.’ Kammy Chan said.


‘This volunteer activity is meaningful. The interaction with kids was funny. I will participate in the charity program again.’ Vincy Cheung said.


‘Children were discipline and lovely. They were energetic when they were playing on the beach. I am happy to play with 2-3 years old kids. Although we just communicated for few hours, these pure kids made me full of energy. ’ Gigi Lau said.


‘I am happy to play with children on the beach and have lunch with them after that. I think this is a meaningful activity when seeing their satisfied smiles with excitement. I also found that it is so easy to let other feel great.’ Angela Chan said.

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