Walk along with You under Any Climate in the past 25 years, Create Smiles and Discover the Best You Together (May 6, 2016)

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Walk along with You under Any Climate in the past 25 years, Create Smiles and Discover the Best You Together

May 6, 2016

"Force for Good, Create Smiles"


Heihe and Baihe were abandoned because of their cleft lips and palates.


Eight years ago, their parents thought their birth was wrong,

so they abandoned the babies in a cold and windy winter.

Today, They have beautiful as clear as fawn and healthy body.
Watching them playing happily are just like witnessing the amaze and beauty of life.


Heihe and Baihe enjoy Vita Meal when they were young.

she is well-known for her name "Caring Mother".
She has more than 40 children through adoption.
It seems she had forgotten, she was once a scavengers to support her family
For her, nothing brings more happiness than the children can grow up healthily.

In 2001,
An ill-fated girl came to the world, suffering from various illnesses.
She could not get proper treatment due to her poor family background.
She was tough and bravely fought with the diseases for 13 years.
She dropped out from school due to her deteriorating health.
However, this had not stopped her from living and pursuing knowledge.

Over the five surgeries in two years,
NU SKIN was always walking along with her.  
Her dream also comes true
Now, she has a new life and goes back to school
Eventually, we can see her beautiful smile again


Wong Yongting smiles happily after recovering from the surgeries

Although Mother Wang is skinny,
she has tried all her best to deliver the love to others for over thirty years.
She has never gone to school,
but many people can learn a lot from her.
She has nourished many crippled lives and
stood even in her hard time

Wang Yongting may not be very talented but extraordinary.
If the destiny cannot be chosen,
you can still select the attitude when facing the fate!
25 years ago, in 1991,
NU SKIN entered Greater China.
We stick to our mission to be a Force for Good throughout,
the world by empowering people to improve lives with rewarding business opportunities, innovative products, and an enriching, uplifting culture.

After 25 years, in 2016,
NU SKIN Greater China Regional Convention.
You will see no matter in the past or in the future,
they or we will spread out Force for Good continuously.
Let us know the story of how brave men challenge the fate.
Discover The Best You

“Force for Good needs YOU”
Are you looking forward to the "NU SKIN Got Talent Show" which will be launched in the 2016 NU SKIN Greater China Regional  Convention? Do you want to cheer up your favorite team? You get a chance to vote for the team you support when you come to the Force for Good (FFG) zone during the 2016 NU SKIN Greater China Regional Convention. It is a win-win situation for you to contribute to the Force for Good and support your favorite team as well. You can also help the charity during your visit to Regional Convention. Meanwhile, we have tailor-made a commemorative postmark for this Convention. If you buy a postcard designed by CHF kids in the FFG zone, you can get a stamp of the commemorative postmark on your postcard. This chop is unique and will definitely make your postcard more precious!

Last but not least, we also create some exclusive limited items for the charity sale this year. Please come to our zone if you want to know what it is. Please visit us at Force for Good zone in the coming 2016 NU SKIN Greater China Regional Convention Let us create smiles and discover the Best You!

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