NU SKIN Volunteer Team Splendid Lantern Carnival (October 2, 2015)

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NU SKIN Volunteer Team
Splendid Lantern Carnival

October 2, 2015

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On September 24, 2015, Anti-aging expert – NU SKIN sent 10 volunteers from the NU SKIN Volunteer Team to accompany 16 kids from the Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children to appreciate the astonishing mid-autumn festival lanterns at the Lantern Carnival 2015 held in the Hong Kong Cultural Centre.

To get the best view of the beautiful lanterns in the evening, our volunteers have decided to bring the children to a western restaurant for an enjoyable dinner first before visiting the Lantern Carnival. All the kids savored the western cuisine, as they did not have much experience dining in such environment. They looked very puzzled with the forks and knives on the table and so, our volunteers taught them table manners.

After the pleasant meal, our volunteers brought the adorable kids to the Hong Kong Cultural Centre by our shuttle bus. Colorful and splendid lanterns shone brightly and the children were all amazed by their unique beauty. Among all lanterns, the lanterns with the appearance of the jade rabbit and the gorgeous goddess of the Moon captured the kid’s heart the most. They could never stop looking at those glistening huge objects. Apart from celebrating Mid-autumn Festival, our volunteer also shared the story of “Chang-e – the Goddess of the Moon” with the curious children so that they could learn more about our traditional Chinese culture. Before the activity end, the children present the volunteer with their hand-made accessories as thank you gift. They all had a memorable evening together!

The NU SKIN volunteers who attended the activity are as below (listed not in sequence): Chan Yuk Ying (Captain), Candy Hui (Vice-Captain), Summer Lee, Chamine Yeung, Jacqueline Mak, Green Lau, Hilda Choy, May Wong, Apple Tse, Natalie Wong.

Their sharings are as followed:
“There is a story behind every kid. To provide them a better childhood, we just need to spend some of our time to give them a hug, love, and care.  All the kids were nice and lovely.  Let’s be volunteer together!” said Chan Yuk Ying.

“Every child should be loved and cared. Wish more people will join and support.” said Candy Hui.

“The kids are active and lovely. Hope they will have more opportunities to go out and play around.  The kids held my hands during the whole activity, I do hope that I can spend more time with them.” said Summer Lee.

“I was so happy to celebrate the mid-autumn festival with the kids. All of them have pure smiles.” said Chamine Yeung.

“It was lovely to help out it was my pleasure to do so. The children, nurses were and overall gave me a wider perspective on children. Thank you!” said Jacqueline Mak.

“It was happy to play with the children! It made me feel satisfied that we built up trust between us just in few hours. I also learnt from the children that bad luck shouldn’t affect our attitude.” said Green Lau.

“It was my first time to join volunteer activity. I was very happy and would like to join again.” said Hilda Choy.

“The children of today were more well-behaved than the others. They were lovely but it’s hard to believe that each of them has a special story behind.  I wish more people will care about them, and what I were moved most today was these kids just want someone to hug them only.  Love and happiness is not a sure thing!” said May Wong.

“It was a meaningful activity.  We gave love and warmth to these children who are lack of love from parents.  I believe this is what we should do as an adult, because everyone has childhood and sympathy.” said Apple Tse.

“It was hard but happy to take care of a kid. I learnt how to play and communicate with children.  Thanks for NU SKIN arranging this volunteer activity.” said Natalie Wong.

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