NU SKIN Volunteer Team Extraordinary 3D Visual Experience (August 7, 2015)

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NU SKIN Volunteer Team
Extraordinary 3D Visual Experience

August 7, 2015


On July 25, 2015, Anti-aging expert – NU SKIN sent 20 volunteers from the NU SKIN Volunteer Team to accompany 20 kids from the Children’s Heart Foundation together with their parents to visit the 3D Visual Art Museum in Repulse Bay and appreciate the interesting 3D artwork.


Our volunteers, the kids and their parents formed groups of three and  took plenty of creative and funny photos hand in hand to compete in various challenging missions.  With our volunteers encouraging and demonstrating creative poses, all of the participants enjoy taking the “trick-eye” photos and they even merged to be part of those amazing artworks! Due to the special effects of the background with the special angle required, all the kids were able to do things that they could never dreamt of, such as flying like a bird or jumping with a parachute. Faces with bright smiles were shown in all the photos taken and their cheerful laughter echoed all around the museum.  After savoring a delicious meal, all of our participants shared their best photos taken in the photo competition. They shared their happiness and all of them had an extraordinary day!


The NU SKIN volunteers who attended the activity are as below (listed in no particular order): Linda Mak (Captain of Team 1), David Tse (Vice Captain of Team 1), Connie Fok, Emily Chan, Pauline Chan, Hidy Tsang, Ricorn Yeung, Tony Ching, Wendy Ho, Ann Yu, Lianna Chu (Captain of Team2 ), Ivan Chan (Vice Captain of Team 2), Fung Man Ting, Chang Kwong Set Min, Pong Wing Yan, Rosa Chow, Lam Yuen Ming , Chan Yuk Lam, Carey Chan, Wendy Chow.


Their sharings are as follows:


"It was a meaningful day. It is my honor to become a member of the NU SKIN volunteer team and complete the challenging missions with the parents and kids! I felt fulfilled and honored though it was challenging!" Linda Mak said.


"It was very meaningful. It enabled the parents to interact with their kids with our volunteers and the kids had so much fun!" David Tse said.


"Very GOOD!" Connie Fok said.


"Through this activity, it can not only encourage the kids to participate in different sessions but also can make them understand the importance of team spirit. We can nurture their ability to cooperate and communicate with each other through this activity." Emily Chan said.


"The activity was suitable for all ages. All of us got along well with one another. It was fun and I am sure that I will participate in this kind of activity again!" Pauline Chan said.


"I participated in this volunteer activity held by the Children’s Heart Foundation which was  a meaningful activity. I am happy to be with those kids as well as interacting, cooperating and completing the missions with them." Hidy Tsang said.


"It is my honor to participate in this activity. It gave me a better understanding of Children’s Heart Foundation. " Ricorn Yeung said.


"It was great to me and those kids!" Tony Ching said.


"Very Good!!!" Wendy Ho said.


"It was a meaningful day to me. It is great that I can interact with children of different ages!" Ann Yu said.


"Through today’s activity I learnt that happiness is just about being healthy, being together with your loved ones, caring for one another and being appreciative. I have found that happiness can be that simple. We worked together towards one goal and that consolidated us. Team spirit empowers us! Great thanks to NU SKIN and Children’s Heart Foundation. The activity makes me understand the saying "it is more blessed to give than to receive"." Lianna Chu said.


"After interacting with those kids, I have found that they are easily satisfied and happy. Happiness can actually be very simple. Appreciating and praising those kids more can really make them more confident! Thanks NU SKIN for giving me the chance to participate in this activity." Ivan Chan said.


"The atmosphere was full of harmony and I felt thankful and happy." Fung Man Ting said.


"It is great to participate in this activity. I have made friends with other volunteers and the kids. The kid that grouped with me was really cute, energetic and talkative. I hope that he and his parents also had great fun!" Pong Wing Yan said.


"I had so much fun visiting the 3D museum with the kids. Having group activities and taking photos with the kids are fun. All of us enjoyed the mission game and we had a very pleasant day. I have also learnt that those kids with congenital diseases are actually no different from others. They are cute and smart! Thanks to all who participated!" Rosa Chow said.


"I am happy and satisfied to see those kids. Although they have congenital heart disease, I hope they could have a great childhood!" Lam Yuen Ming said.


"I enjoy the time playing around with the kids. It is satisfying to see the big smile on their faces." Chan Yuk Lam said.


"This is the first time that I participate in volunteer activity. It is meaningful that I can interact and communicate with those kids and their parents. I sincerely hope that I can join the activities organized by Children’s Heart Foundation again in the future!" Carey Chan said.


"It is really a meaningful activity. It is fun for me to complete the missions and interact with the children." Wendy Chow said.