2015 Force for Good Day (June 5, 2015)

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2015 Force for Good Day
Find Value for Our Clothes, Let Our Love Shine Always

June 5, 2015


We believe, there are a lot of clothes can be recycled after you got the success from TR90 program.


In 2015 NU SKIN Force for Good Day, let’s open our wardrobe together to recycle our clothes.

Value of recycling:

Recycle 1 clothes will reduce carbon emission >= planting 20 trees
NU SKIN Hong Kong & Macau will donate all the collected clothes to the Salvation Army for charity sale or donation.  The net proceeds will be directly donated to those people in need, such as home alone elderly, street sleepers, ex-prisoners and Comprehensive Social Security Assistance recipients. Every one of your donation is a kind of love.

How to donate?
Just 2 steps:
1) Sort out your clothes that are 80% new
2) Bring the clothes to Hong Kong Causeway Bay Nu Skin Plaza or Macau Distribution Center.  Follow the EE instructions and submit the clothes with the donation form.

Download the Donation Form

What can I donate?
Any clothes that are 80% new will be accepted.  Since all the collected clothes will be sent to the Salvation Army for charity sale or donation, therefore, we only accept 80% new clothes.  The better quality of the clothes, the better value can be sold!

What DO NOT accept?

  • No underwear, shoes, socks and accessories such as belt;
  • No clothes with damage (vermin, abrade, pills), clothes with permanent defect (lost accessories or yarn problem), clothes with permanent dirt;
  • No counterfeit items or items obtained from illegal channel.


Every recycling clothes has a meaningful value! For more details, please check out the related news of Force for Good Day of this month.

2015 Force for Good Day – Thank You for Your Participation.