Chase your dream – Let the piano sound of Pianist Hsu Che Chen fill with NU SKIN Plaza! (January 9, 2015)

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Chase after Your Dream –
Let the Piano Sound of Pianist Hsu Che Chen
Fill with NU SKIN Plaza!

January 9, 2015


Born blind pianist Hsu Che Chen, who plays the different melody of life with his heart and was invited to perform in 2014 NU SKIN Greater China Regional Convention. His passion touched all of the audiences and now, the power of his dream will release all around the NU SKIN plazas. Let us embrace our passion and head to our dreams with the music of Hsu Che Chen.


Profile of Hsu Che Chen
1986 Born
1989 Started to show his absolute pitch and his parents began to nourish him.
1992 Started to have formal piano lessons.
1997 Joined different piano competitions and won countless awards, started to make a name for himself.
2000 Won the Rosemary Kennedy International Young Soloists Award.
2003 Won a scholarship to study in Austria.
2006 Performed in various charity shows, for instance, the CFCF Charity Concert in Hong Kong.
2010 Hsu Che Chen performed in the Performance Workshop “Just Play It” and went on a performing tour around Taiwan.
2014 Won the Travel Documentary Program Award in Taiwan Golden Bell Award.