Announcement for changes in the Policies and Procedures (December 4, 2018)

Announcement for changes in the Policies and Procedures

December 4, 2018

Dear Nu Skin Brand Affiliates,


We are pleased to announce effective Jan 3, 2019, the following changes in the Policies and Procedures will take effect.  We encourage you to re-read the Policies and Procedures in order to familiarize yourselves with this very important document. A full version of the revised Policies and Procedures is available at



Chapter 1 of Policies and Procedures (Your Brand Affiliate Account)

Section 1.1 Applying to Become a Brand Affiliate

You may apply to become a Brand Affiliate by completing the following steps: Complete, sign, and return an online or hardcopy Brand Affiliate Agreement to the Company. You are not required to purchase any Products or materials to become a Brand Affiliate.


Chapter 2 of Policies and Procedures (Operating Your Business)

Section 3.5 Issuing Credits

A Company credit may be issued in instances of overpayment, Product exchanges, or in other circumstances when an order cannot be completely filled. Sales Volume is credited when the Company credit is used. 


Section 6.6 Bonuses

(e) The Company will pay no Bonuses by automated transfer until the aggregate accrued Bonuses in the Velocity Account are equal to 10 US dollars (applicable for Hong Kong market) (or the equivalent amount in Hong Kong currency)/MOP$300 (applicable for Macau market). If your Brand Affiliate Account is terminated, any unpaid accrued Bonuses under a minimum of 10 US dollar (or the equivalent amount in Hong Kong currency) )/MOP$300 (applicable for Macau market) will be forfeited.


Chapter 3 of Policies and Procedures (Advertising)

Section 7.4 Additional Restrictions on Internet Use

(a) You may not use or distribute replicating websites except Company produced replicating web sites;


Chapter 4 of Policies and Procedures (Sponsoring)

Section 1.3 Business Portfolio

Upon registering with the Company, a link to the Digital Business Portfolio is provided for free.  There is no financial requirement to become a Brand Affiliate.  The Business Portfolio does not generate a Bonus.


Section 2.3 No Purchase of Products or Business Support Materials and Services Required

There is no required purchase to become a Brand Affiliate.  You may not require any Brand Affiliate or prospective Brand Affiliate to purchase any Products, or any Business Support Materials and Services, or imply that any such purchase is required.


Addendum A of Policies and Procedures (Glossary of Defined Terms)

Business Portfolio

The Business Portfolio is a non-commissionable, not-for-profit kit for new Brand Affiliate.  The Business Portfolio contains the Policies and Procedures, the Sales Compensation Plan, a Brand Affiliate Agreement, a Business Entity Form, a Joint Participation Form and other sales and demonstration materials to assist a Brand Affiliate in starting and conducting their independent business.



Your Group consists of you and all your Retail Customers, Members, Brand Affiliates, and Qualifying Brand Representatives. Your Brand Representatives and their Groups are not included in your Group. All sales made by those in your Group contribute to your Building Blocks and your Group’s Commissionable Sales Value.



A non-Brand Affiliate who is Registered by a Brand Affiliate and can purchase Nu Skin Products at the Member Price.  A Member is not authorized to Register Brand Affiliates or resell Products.


Qualifying Brand Representative

A Brand Affiliate who has submitted their Letter of Intent and begun, but not finished, Qualification.


Retail Customer

Anyone who is not a Brand Affiliate or Member who purchases Product either from a Brand Affiliate or directly from Nu Skin.


Sales Volume

Sales Volume refers to a point system the Company uses to compare the relative value of Products across various currencies and markets. Each Product is assigned a specific amount of points of Sales Volume.  Sharing Blocks, Building Blocks, and Leadership Team Sales Volume are all comprised of Sales Volume.  Sales Volume is different from Commissionable Sales Value.



Should you have any questions, please contact your Executive Partners.


Yours faithfully,

Nu Skin Enterprises Hong Kong, LLC