Get set with YOU REVOLUTION Journey! (April 27, 2018)

Get set with YOU REVOLUTION Journey!

April 27, 2018


The captioned is not just a still image. “Revolution” is a starting point, it is setting determination, it is no hesitation, it is perseverance…; introducing a few enthusiastic stories on revolution  journey.

As “revolution” leads them to a road of prosperity.


The Life Transformation from Question Mark to Exclamation Point_ Lee, Kang-Jui

Revolution Formula: Change of Mindset→Change of Actions→Change of Outcomes→Change of Life

Motivation to Success: Dream and Set Goals


“Remember when in school, the teacher said: “Adaptability is of vital importance to the success of a person!’; this sentence brought significant impact on me and it can be said to be the key that activated the “change” in me.” Lee, Kang-Jui had no special thoughts when joining NU SKIN, it was merely a conversation with the mentor that moved him: “You can get what you desire with your own efforts.” He trusted his mentor and really wanted to make some money, while there is another vital factor, the word said by the mentor in the past has fermented within his heart; he thought: “If I can “adapt” to the positive and optimistic environment of NU SKIN, then I should be able to become successful as well.”


 “It was the belief in the first place along with the will to change, followed by whether you want to stick with it.” said Lee, Kang-Jui, he had no connection, no money, no gift of gab and no family support, but he told himself: “It is alright that others do not believe in you, but you have to believe in yourself.” said Lee, Kang-Jui, he has learnt the attitude that can be applied to his whole life at Nu SKIN: “There is definitely a positive meaning to the occurrence of anything, which is always helpful to me.”


Lee, Kang-Jui survived the beginning days with his persistence, to exchange for experience, by experience to exchange for performance, he believes that “You are your own benefactor in life,” as long as you know clearly what you want, you will be able to endure even the greatest setbacks and everything that you pay out will be worthy!


Two decades have passed, Lee, Kang-Jui has changed significantly, except the confidence and endeavor towards this business; he expects himself to become the “future leader,” meaning someone with great tolerance, capable of seeing the trend, to react and adapt to changes. He wants to continue creating a successful environment for those who are willing to strive unceasingly.


Transformed from an inward and shy big boy to the leader filled with confidence, Lee, Kang-Jui stated: “The transformation came from the guidance of the Nu Skin business, his life which used to be a question mark is now filled with exclamation points due to Nu Skin and now he is truly enjoying it!”


Great Opportunity in Life is Worth Going All Out for _ Wu, Mao-Chao & Liang, Hong-Dong

Revolution Formula: It is not a matter of capability, but a matter of desirability.

Motivation to Success: Belief and Take Action


Liang, Hong-Dong and Wu, Mao-Chao formerly worked with a foreign company and managed traditional business respectively, and with the arrival of two cute babies, the responsibility on their shoulders became heavier, while the pursuit towards living quality also became higher. They hoped to have more free time in their hands for them to accompany the children during their growth!


They became acquainted with Nu Skin by chance, which brought a ray of light to these two who were struck in bewilderment. Liang, Hong-Dong and Wu, Mao-Chao stated, they were attracted by Nu Skin’s quality products and bountiful business opportunities and were further touched deeply by the NU SKIN Force corporate culture. They believed that based on the foreseeable excellences of Nu Skin, it will no doubt bring them the desired lifestyle.


Success is simply seizing opportunities bravely and acting fast. There are not many chances in life where one can go all out, therefore they treasured this dearly and they felt that Nu Skin is a process of continuous learning and growth, where they mutually learn from each other and improve together throughout the process of striving along with their partners. They also constantly made themselves better through their perseverance. This is because they know that only with continuous and constant enhancement will they be able to assist their partners even better in achieving early success.


Throughout the past, Liang, Hong-Dong and Wu, Mao-Chao have already fulfilled the initial dream, because having the same business and a common goal, they are enjoying the loving life of going out in the same car and returning home together. Not only are they able to arrange their time freely, as well as go travelling with family at any time, what is more gratifying is that Nu Skin’s products is beneficial to their parents’ health.


The happy couple with a happy family has already become the lovebirds so much envied by many people. Still, they continue to devote themselves wholeheartedly with the greatest passion as always, leading partners to advance forward towards dreams based on the brave attitude to take on responsibilities, a generous and tolerating loving heart, as well as the constantly motivated impulse to become better.



The super POWER HELPS you take control over the future _ Ong Gee

Revolution Formula:

Change your life – Live Resplendently

Motivation to Success: Lead

 “Do not be afraid to start over again in life, the only fear is without future!” This sentence truly describes how Ong Gee became determined to give everything up in order to devote his life to Nu Skin business without hesitation, even when he had a prosperous business. He was once a financial planner, where having a high income was seen as inevitability; however, he always believed that a successful life must have a clear direction and goal. Ong Gee’s goal is have clear control over his own future instead of waiting for others to make decisions for him!


Ong Gee has always been “goal-oriented” since he was little, he anticipates himself with the capability to bring quality life to the family, and he has endeavored constantly towards this goal, sparing no efforts at work to complete the business performance goals every year with the sense of accomplishment. However, he had forgotten what he desires to pursue is actually an “accomplishment” instead of a “sense of accomplishment”, as owning a sense of accomplishment without success comes to nothing in the end.

It was at this time that Ong Gee came across the transformational opportunity, where friends recommended Nu Skin to him and asked him: ”Will you become more and more successful within the next 3~5 years? Will your business become easier and easier after 3~5 years?” Just like that, these two questions enlightened Ong Gee, and his life took a drastic turn ever since.

He has devoted 15 years of his life to Nu Skin business, he spares no effort when together with a group of enthusiastic and courageous partners who have the same belief. He believes that Nu Skin can inspire the strong positive energy within everyone’s heart, endowing people with the capability to do things properly, to turn situations around and to change lives. In these mutually created collaborative relationships, it is friendship that has been exchanged between him and his partners instead of business. Ong Gee has encouraged many people to live the resplendence of life, helping more people to become the ruler of their own dreams. He also believes that this positive energy that changes lives will be the best gift that gets passed down to the next generation!



Do these stories motivate you on exploding your NEXT REVOLUTION journey? Do not miss out their live sharingat the convention!


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