A YOU REVOLUTION is coming soon! (March 9, 2018)

A YOU REVOLUTION is coming soon!
Who will be the NEXT super star!
We will see you in June!

March 9, 2018


2018 NU SKIN Greater China Regional Convention “NEXT - Join The You Revolution”

A grand event will be held in June at Hong Kong AsiaWorld-Expo

This biannual convention of Greater China brings you revolutionary power!


The “You Revolution” is about you.
It’s about empowering you, and others, to live life on your own terms. To live the life you’ve dreamed. And it’s not just an idea or an event — it’s a movement.


Step out of the comfort zone, let's do it!


Create new opportunities for yourself.

A brand new you are striding forward to a better you~

Discover The Best You.

On this path of revolution, there is no way back as NU SKIN will advance to NEXT with you hand in hand.

Remember — it’s your life. Your business. Your way. 


5 Success Motives Speakers

Learning from the success stories to make it easier on your way to success.


Global elites will be here to share their stories.

Commending stage with exclusive & honorable recognition.

Excellent shows performed by our business partners.


It’s a great event you should never miss!


Has it ever come to your mind

Why the business partners from different backgrounds

have made themselves successful in NU SKIN? 

How did they make it?


They will tell you about

how they use the crucial gold key: 5 Success Motives
to turn their life into success.


Maybe you are walking on the path they havegone through,

and y under a confusing and contradicting situation.

Learning through the successful models makes yourself one step closer to success.

Join 2018 NU SKIN Greater China Regional Convention

and make your own Revolution.


Lee Kang Jui

20 Million Dollar Circle Members and 2 Years Team Elite / 1 Year Team Elite Platinum  

5 Success Motives-Dream / Set Goals


Liang Hong Dong

10 Million Dollar Circle Members and 11 Years Team Elite / 5 Years Team Elite Platinum

5 Success Motives-Believe / Take Action


Ong Gee
10 Million Dollar Circle Members and 8 Years Team Elite / 3 Years Team Elite Platinum

5 Success Motives-Lead


* Whoever wants to become qualified with a title must meet all the requirements listed in the sales performance award program, including the retail sales.

The “One-million celebrity” is a title given to those NU SKIN new independent direct sales who have earned more than USD 1 million rewards from their NU SKIN direct selling career. NU SKIN doesn’t promise that all direct sales can achieve success or make abundant rewards. To be a direct salesperson one needs to invest a large amount of time and make great efforts with persistent faith to be able to get a certain reward. For more details about the NU SKIN sales performance award program, please contact with the NU SKIN office at local or browse the website: https://www.nuskin.com


NU SKIN adapts a different business model in the mainland China market. The title of one-million celebrity is not adaptable in the mainland China market. The business team members in the mainland China market under the mainland China business operations model can have the opportunity for winning the title of outstanding celebrity.


Excellent and marvelous NU SKIN Got Talent Show

Come and cheer for your favorite team!


Super Celebrity Show Promotional video


This year, our talented business partners
have shown their best in the selection contest to win the chance to stand on the stage.

They will present a diversity of fantastic performances

to make the night more prosperous with excitement.


Come and cheer for your favorite team,

and give your precious vote to them!


2018 NU SKIN Greater China Regional Convention



Time:June 19th (Tuesday) - June 22nd (Friday)

Location: Hong Kong AsiaWorld-Expo