NU Action

NU Action

Super Hero Program


In collaboration with Dialogue Experience, NU SKIN has organized the SuperHero program, providing an appropriate platform for developing the "super power" of People of Differences. The program not only capitalized this opportunity to raise public awareness in embracing social inclusion, but also encourages the next generation to learn from each other.


In 2016, Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation Hong Kong Chapter organized Youth and Children Illustrated Story Book Competition 2016, an event aimed at raising public understanding on the unique capabilities of People of Differences and their abilities to become super heroes in our community through a series of hands-on experiential activities. A collection of five illustration stories comprising works from winners of the competition, Yeung Siu Fong, and Jan Lamb were launched for charity sale, with proceeds donated to the Dialogue in the Dark HK Foundation to realize the dreams for the disabled and experience a different world!


A Merit winner of the competition’s Youth Category is indeed a patient with spinal muscular atrophy. By overcoming physical limitations, he has successfully drawn his first-ever illustration with computer and won his first illustration award. Meanwhile, mouth and foot painting artist Yeung Siu Fong has drawn her first illustration with foot for charity sale, whilst the renowned Jan Lamb expressed his impression of true hero through his very first creation of illustration!


In 2017, NU SKIN maintains the SuperHero program with the theme of Pursuing Your Dream Campaign – Discover the Best You to encourage youth and children in Hong Kong to live out their dreams and break through their limits. The program also extends its reach to encouraging People of Differences to realize their dreams, discovering a better self when pursuing dream. The program has called for dream proposals across Hong Kong. Ten finalists of Superhero were finally chosen by the professional judge panel, awarded a fixed amount of HK$10,000 sponsorship and have their dream stories published.


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Star Creator Reward Scheme


Planned since 2014 and launched in 2015, Star Creator Reward Schemeaims at encouraging self-improvement among students through a variety of incentives. We have set up Star of Improvement, Star of Moral Conduct, Star of Chinese Reading and Star of English Reading in each class to encourage and recognize students achieving improvement, good moral conduct and best reading during the period with rewards of daily necessities such as shampoo, conditioner and shower gel. For underp families, rewards of daily necessities not only alleviate family needs, but also enhance students’ contributions to their own family. Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation Hong Kong Chapter will continue to improve the living conditions of grassroots families through the concept of "teach a man to fish" and practical measures, thus encouraging students to strive for excellence in-class and study hard. Until December 2016, the program has encouraged nearly 250 students of Fresh Fish Trader’s School.