Honor Board

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Honor Board

NTC Ambassador/ Long Term Ambassador/ Chief Ambassador/ Long Term Chief Ambassador

Year of 2019
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Title of Ambassador


NTC Ambassador

  • Brand Affiliate who made a commitment to donate at least 2 sets (four bags) of VitaMeal each month 
  • Brand Affiliate who have inspired others on their first level (personal, personal customers, and first level brand affiliate) to donate an additional 8 sets (12 bags) each month. (Donations are made on the Automatic Delivery Program). After two months of the donations of 16 bags, the distributor becomes an Ambassador.



NTC Chief Ambassador

  • an Ambassador who has inspired three others in the first level of their organization to also become Ambassadors in the same month.


NTC Long Term Ambassador  

  • When one becomes a 12-months Ambassador, the Ambassador becomes Long Term Ambassador


NTC Long Term Chief Ambassador

  • When one becomes a 12-months Chief Ambassador, the Chief Ambassador becomes Long Term Chief Ambassador


Remarks: From 2019/4/1, ALL VitaMeal purchases and donoate will count toward both NTC Ambassador and Chief Ambassador qualifications for all Brand Affiliate, click here for more details.