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Tünde Bartha

Tünde Bartha

Bartha Tünde siker története

Before starting my Nu Skin business, I used to work as a commercial worker and at a factory, earning a salary which was not enough at all. I always knew my purpose in life was not to be a factory or commercial worker suffering from constant stress. I knew this because I felt my life was going to change and I was going to do something in order to change it, even if back then I had no idea how I was supposed to do it or in which field I was going to change my career in order to make it happen.


I was introduced to the Nu Skin opportunity when my little one was 11 months (May 2016) and I had already lived in a maternal centre for 10 months. Back then, I was taking care of my child, so I was seriously thinking about a job that I could do from home after my little one's second birthday, being a single mother, not having the possibility to leave him in someone else’s care in order to be able to go to work. Before finding this opportunity, I thought I could start crocheting or learn how to make homemade cookies to earn my money working from home by my boy's side, but then Nu Skin found me and saved me…


When I first heard about Nu Skin, I didn’t realised what opportunity I had in my hands, as I was only focused on earning some extra money at that moment. I was very happy with what I earned by selling the products, but the upline mentors opened my eyes and my way towards being open for a lot more. When I understood the whole picture of what this business could offer to me, I fully dedicated myself to it in order to be able to earn my money from home, but seeing that much more could be done, my standards rose in time.


My dream was to have no boss, no fixed schedule and to work from home when I wanted to, being able to see my little one grow up by my side. I didn’t want to be a mother who only sees her child during the evening and on the weekend because of her job. Since my baby has no father, because he died, at least he should have a mother by his side all the time. Being a mother, my biggest motivation is my little boy whom I adore with all my heart. Another dream that is going to come true is to own my own home! I come from a modest family who lives in a small studio, but I want to offer my little boy that room I didn’t have in my childhood, not because my parents didn’t want to offer it to me, but because they had no means to do that.


I am the most impatient person I know in the entire word, but since I have been working in this business I’ve managed to learn how to control that and Nu Skin also taught me to leave my comfort zone and to have more trust in myself. I have always been that girl who was unable to speak in public, who's loses control when five people are paying attention at what she is saying, but if you don't jump in the swimming pool you don’t learn how to swim, if you don’t try you have no means to know what you are doing wrong and what you have to do to improve yourself. My most memorable Nu Skin experience was when I first talked in front of hundreds of people at Balatonfured at the Success Summit (March 2017), when I was recognised as a new Ruby. I was so nervous and scared thinking that I had to talk in front of such a huge audience, but I overcame that fear. Nu Skin gave me many memorable moments and they will forever remain in my mind, my heart and my soul. Since my first Success Trip in Puglia and until being invited to the global conference in Utah, there were so many things I will always be grateful to the company for.


Setting goals has played and still plays a very important role in my business. Without setting goals and without working hard to achieve them, I wouldn’t be where I am today. After starting to understand this business better, I understood that I needed goal setting to become successful, meaning to also totally dedicate myself to those goals. I set new goals monthly. I note them down to be able to visualise them daily in order to focus and achieve them by the end of the month.


At the very beginning, when you start this business you don’t know much about it. But after you place some orders and are practically instructed by your mentor about the steps to success, you know exactly where you are heading to, why you are doing this business and what your goals are. If you don’t know your goal, motivation and dream, at one point you may hesitate and even give up…


I had many hard moments in this business that I have successfully overcome. I realised that success cannot be achieved without overcoming the hard moments and failures, which probably will make you feel down, but they will also strengthen you as a person in this business. It was a failure to me when Executives gave up or when Rubies in my organisation gave up, but I realised that if they didn’t really want to achieve success there was nothing for me to do in that respect. I helped my team to overcome failures and difficult moments in this business teaching them to think in a positive way, not to complain, to think about what they did wrong and what they should do in a different way next time to achieve favourable results. I made them understand that the more positive they think, the better their business will be. I had many moments of weakness when I was thinking to give up, but those moments didn’t last long because I hated my previous workplace so much that I said I would never go back there and I would do everything possible in order to make my business run well and grow constantly.


In order to have a constantly growing business, you have to teach your team to work as a team and the best example in this respect is you. You must work in a team for your team to copy your style and attitude. You have to teach your team about what you have learnt, to duplicate what you know, because if you teach things that cannot be duplicated, your business will not grow.


Right now, I am very positive and excited about what is to come in my business because I will step on the stairway to success. My goal right now is to help as many people as possible to get as far as possible because only by helping others will you be able to help yourself. Thank you very much Nu Skin for what you have offered to me and my team!