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Nathalie Säfströmer

Nathalie Säfströmer


When looking back on my life before Nu Skin I feel a knot in my stomach. I have always been positive and energetic, but my life was very restricted at the time. There was so much I wanted to do with my life, but I just didn’t know how to go about it. I worked part time selling clothes, and as a bartender. When you are employed by the hour, as I was, you are constantly on your toes, taking all the shifts you can get. By the end of each month I was always worried, would I have enough money? Days went by, and all I did was work, drive and sleep. I felt this was getting to me in a bad way, I lost my energy, I had no free time and no money to do the things I wanted.

When I first heard about business opportunity that Nu Skin offers, I thought it sounded too good to be true. Others might be able to do it but not me. To be honest, at first, I didn’t believe in Nu Skin. Later when talking to my sponsors, I realised Nu Skin could be a way out of my present situation, I had nothing to lose. It was awesome to see the results!

I’ve always dreamed about being someone others look up to, someone who makes a difference in people’s lives. My goal has always been to become financially independent and to do whatever I want, whenever I want. But as I said, up until then it had only been a dream – a dream without possibilities to make it come true. I was not famous, I couldn’t sing, I wasn’t a professional football player so how could I, as an employee, live the life I wanted? Since I started with Nu Skin I have done so much more than I first imagined. Nothing is impossible; with Nu Skin I can get whatever I want! Today, my dreams are my goals. If I don’t give up and keep working with Nu Skin, I will one day reach my goal – without winning the lottery or being a famous artist.

Nu Skin has not changed me as a person but rather allowed me to be myself without limitations. I got my drive now, I can inspire others, I can do what I dream about, and it makes me feel better than ever. Imagine, I who always felt trapped inside is finally able to get out and reach far. It really motivates and inspires me to see people’s lives change. My most memorable moment was the EXPAND event in Stockholm, where my business really took off; I knew where I was going, and it felt so right. The energy from the event is still with me, what I experienced is hard to put into words. If you haven’t partaken yet, do so, it will be worth it. It is such an event, and you learn so much!

I have a dream board with pictures describing what I want from life – just to keep me focused, to remember why I am doing this and not taking the easy way out like I did when working for others. Everything I do and plan to do, I also write down. This helps me reach my sub targets, something happens when you see it in writing. I have had all titles I wanted to reach as a background picture on my mobile phone and computer. Don’t ask me how it works but you do attract the things you look at, and it keeps you going! Every month I always decide on a plan for what I want to achieve for myself and my business - smaller targets, but also major long-term goals.

That is how you reach them. When looking back, I realise I have always reached my written goals, sooner or later. When you have them in writing you know where you are heading, you can remember why you want to go there, and that it’s truly worth the effort.

I use my dream board to keep focus on my most important goal. I am constantly inspired by others trying to make their dreams come true, and by those who have already succeeded. I look back at my life before Nu Skin and realise I don’t want to end up there again; it motivates me to continue with extra energy.

When I first started with Nu Skin, my biggest problem was to believe in myself, and not to pay attention to others. I was surprised by how many did not believe in me or did not thought I could succeed. But I decided to prove them wrong. My trust in Nu Skin grew even bigger when I attended an event; afterwards it was easier to ignore negative people and have more faith in myself. Should I listen to all negativism, I would throw my dreams away, and my dreams are worth more than that.

Of course, I have bad days, just like anyone else, when I wonder if I’ll ever make it. But the thought of quitting Nu Skin has never occurred to me. Whenever I feel down I talk to my sponsors, look out for people who inspires me, and look back at my own journey, compare my life now and then.

Whenever my team feel down, I listen and tell them my own story, make them realise it is okay to feel down if one also remembers it will all pass, that it is all temporary. I ask them to consider their goals once again and move forward bit by bit. How can you help others move through hard times if you haven’t experienced any yourself?

Every day I talk to new people, show them how proud I am doing what I am doing, tell them about my days. I have conversations on a regular basis, meetings in real life, pep talks… We duplicate our work; people don’t do what you tell them to do, they follow your behaviour, so I must be a role model, show my team the best version of myself in order for them to be the team I want.