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Natalie Amy Williams

Natalie Amy Williams


With a Degree in Creative Brand Communications allowing me to pursue a career in any Art direction, Graphic Design or Marketing, I never envisioned myself building my own business through a direct selling or network marketing company.  After completing my degree, I took a year off to travel and visited Hong Kong, New Zealand & Thailand.  After this, I got a corporate job as an Account Manager. Even though I wasn’t “office bound” I hated the corporate lifestyle and I resigned in February 2017. It was around this time that the Nu Skin business opportunity was presented to me. I travelled to India and the Himalayas for a few months, and my initial reaction was the standard reaction I’m sure we all had, so I ignored my upline for a few months before I had to face the reality of coming back to South Africa in July and made a list of my options, one of them being to contact my upline regarding this opportunity.


I returned to South Africa, purchased my Nu Beauty Box and never looked back. My team started growing and I soon reached my Executive Brand Partner status. Once I reached this stage in my business, I felt it was all about strong leadership and duplication, setting an example and being selfless. If you are setting a good example, being thorough with your team, making sure they know you have their best interest at heart and focusing on your downline and their goals and not just your frontline then everyone will succeed, and you will have a healthy and continually growing organisation.


I emphasise how important it is to have a proper understanding of what you are duplicating down as well as make sure that you are continuously learning and taking the initiative to watch training videos. Your team will end up doing exactly what you are doing as it is the example that has been set for them, so by focusing on being the best leader that you can be, that effort will duplicate downwards. Imagine the wrong things being duplicated down and how quickly that can spread? The correct duplication is probably the most important part about this business.  Not just from Executive Brand Partner and above but from Brand Representative and above. I feel that once you reach Brand Representative your role changes and my absolute favourite thing is to be prepared and organised. I think it is so important to start teaching new Brand Representatives and above to be a good leader because at the end of the day if you are a good leader and you duplicate those habits down then your business will flourish.  It is also crucial to take this business offline.  You can’t expect to have a growing business if you are not investing time into your team by building relationships and helping them succeed, too.


I think that mindset is always going to play a big part in anything that you do in life but within the Nu Skin business it is always crucial to have a positive outlook and mindset, especially because you are leading others and negativity spreads like wildfire.  I think that each Key Success factor is just as important as the next because they each have a role to play in your journey.  The three that stand out to me the most are Setting Goals, Motivation & Taking Action. It’s so important to keep you motivated and on track – a goal is nothing unless it is backed with a well thought action plan and Believing that you can achieve it.  The challenging part is staying motivated when you aren’t constantly surrounded by your team, which is why I believe taking your business offline is also important.


I believe that the key factor in my success comes from hard work and sacrifice.  Sometimes staying up late to work and sacrificing your weekend to host events is necessary to get closer to your goal. Of course, not everybody will have this work ethic, but it will show in your success story.


‘There are no limits to what you can accomplish, except the limits you place on your own thinking’ – Brian Tracy