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Branovska Oksana

Branovska Oksana


Hello! My name is Oksana Branovska. I’m a happily married mother of 4 beautiful and active children. 8 years ago, I made the choice to join the NU SKIN team and it was the best decision I ever made! These years led to many great changes in my life; my own house, more free time, the possibility to rest and spend time with such a large family – but nothing changed more than ME!


I have always admired those who know how to organise different people around themselves. I’ve recently realised that I learned to do that too. As a result, I work with many beautiful and positive people who inspire me to move forward. Doing business with NU SKIN allowed us to look at life differently, opened new opportunities and horizons – and there's still so much ahead of us to do. My children tell everyone that their mother has the best job in the world.


I’m grateful to my mentors, each of whom made a great contribution to my success. Natalia Shpakova has shown me what true NU SKIN business is. I’m so grateful to Svetlana and Diana Mikhailovy for their great support and love. I’m grateful to Julia Lapteva – a real example of how to move towards your goal and to never lose faith. To Inna Shubnikova as well, who inspired many new ideas. Special thanks must go to Hege Raae and Eian Frisvold! I became successful because of you; my business began to grow, and I set big goals.


My favorite phrase is: "If you want to have something you have never had, you have to do something that you have never done!"