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Andrea Lucacci

Andrea Lucacci


In October 2016, I saw a Facebook post about Nu Skin, which made me very curious. First, because of my own skin problems and second because of the business opportunity. I was never satisfied with my job before, even though I've had a lot of jobs in the last 15 years. It never felt good or right, and it made me wonder if that was what the meaning of life was supposed to be.


In December 2016, I decided to start working part time with the great products while continuing my nursing assistant job and taking care my two children. I wanted to start getting my life under control.


After less than a year, I was able to quit my job and finally manage my own time. I really appreciate the great support from Kathrin and Michael Glauninger (my sponsors). I’m now able to be with my children instead of having someone else take care of them while I worked. For the first time,  I did not only feel satisfied with myself but also great seeing what I’m able to do as a mother with two children is amazing.


In March 2018, my husband was able to reduce his work hours and we have fulfilled our dream. We finally have time for our family and for us as a couple.


Looking back, it’s amazing how much I’ve achieved in just a short period of time. With this business opportunity, you get paid for your actual performance, for what you really achieve. Which is amazing! You have it in your own hands, just do it and you’ll get paid for it. Will you find this somewhere else? I think not.

I have met so many great people so far and made such wonderful friends. This life is more beautiful than I’ve ever dreamed of.


Best regards and the best of luck to all of you who are willing to fulfil your dreams. Take action now and you will see that you can achieve whatever you want. Thanks Nu Skin for this opportunity. I love it!