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Nicola Drzewicki

Nicola Drzewicki


After spending 6 years studying architecture at the University of Cape Town, I started my own architectural practice at the age of 23 and ran that through all the ups and downs of our industry for 15 years.

I was born into a family of entrepreneurs and always considered myself very lucky to have the emotional support and guidance from my family members to be self-employed and for the longest time I was truly living the life of my dreams.

Hard work has never worried me, in fact I thrive in scenarios where I am being pushed to my limits. My love of design, my creative spirit being fueled every day, the complexity of running large scale projects, the intimacy of working one on one with a client building the home of their dreams and the joy of watching something you have created coming to life filled me on so many levels but as my career continued to flourish and my portfolio of work increased so did the stress and pressure of running my own practice and I started to realize that I was no longer finding the happiness that I once was. It had a lot to do with what I was having to give up to maintain this career but mostly the reality of what my financial future looked like. After many years of building this business I realized that I was and always would be in a position of trading my time for money and worse than that I had built a business I could never sell because I was the business and then to top it all off I constantly heard my entrepreneurial father's voice stressing 'you want to make money while you sleep’. Even though this idea appealed to me A LOT, as a professional I didn't think I had many, if any options, and I started to feel trapped in this world I had designed for myself.

On my 37th birthday my best friend called to wish me and I found myself sitting in my open plan office crying. The boss crying! I was suffering from adult acne, my stress levels were through the roof, I was constantly ill and exhausted, and I couldn’t see a way out.

My friend offered to send me some products from this new company she had just partnered with and 3 days later I had a box full of Nu Skin products and no idea that my life was about to take a 180-degree turn.

Within 3 months of using Nu Skin I was a total different person, my skin was clear, I was no longer getting ill, I had more energy than I had known in months. Friends, family and colleagues all started asking what I was doing and without trying or wanting to I started promoting these products that had given me a new lease on life.

My friend then encouraged me to look at the business opportunity, but I was very resistant. I could not fathom how I could add another business into my already overworked schedule, I was definitely not looking tomake such a drastic change, nor could I fathom ever selling skincare…why would anyone buy any beauty products from an architect who suffers with acne?

Thank goodness she persisted and imagine my surprise when seeing the opportunity in its entirety I realized I had found the best way to create passive income and my father’s advice of making money while you slept started actually becoming achievable. I decided I had nothing to lose by trying this all out and with all the knowledge I had of what it takes to build a business I merely went into laser sharp focus, put my head down and started working (and talking) A LOT!
That was 4 years ago.

I still to this day, have to take a step back to look at how fundamentally my life has changed. Besides my partnership with the company, always feeling supported and encourage by the amazing corporate staff, the financial rewards, the securing and solidifying of my future, I have ultimately been given the most rewarding gift and that is to help like-minded people grow and build the life of their dreams.

I relish the community we build in this business, the personal growth we all experience, how we become family to each other, to experience the joys and the hardships, together always aiming for the stars. I love the ability we have to change our customers lives through amazing products and especially to give others, who feel as stuck as I felt, an opportunity to create a life they desire.

The most ultimate gift this opportunity has given me is the opportunity to give back. My greatest achievement was being acknowledged as the first ever Chief Nourish the Children Ambassador for South Africa, a title I am honored to hold and will forever work tirelessly to maintain.

I believe 100% that our business demands from us to be the very best version of ourselves and every day strive to make a positive and lasting change in another’s life.

I will forever remain indebted to those who believed in me when I could not see the future, to those who invested their time and energy into teaching me a new and better way. I will forever be thankful for what this opportunity provides me and everyone in my team and my life with, good and bad, we grow here like no other business I know, leaving us all the better for it.

Who would have thought this is where an architect would find herself with a second chance to create a whole new life?...I suppose that’s what I value the most about my new ‘career’...anyone can do this and when you do it changes you forever!