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What is ageLOC®?

ageLOC® science

Is age catching up with your looks? Keep it under control with Nu Skin® and ageLOC®. Developed by Nu Skin® in collaboration with leading scientists, the ageLOC® science is a revolutionary approach that is changing the way we appear to age. This unique and proprietary approach to the science of ageing is based on the discovery of age-related super markers or - as Nu Skin® calls them - “arSuperMarkers.” Nu Skin®’s exclusive ageLOC® science targets these arSuperMarkers, the ultimate sources of ageing that can influence how we age.

Through ageLOC® science, Nu Skin® was able to identify certain genes that can influence the way we look as we age. These functional groups of genes are key arSuperMarkers. ageLOC® science balances these arSuperMarkers to their youthful patterns of activity and incorporates this science into the development of Nu Skin® products.

The ageLOC® Opportunity

The rise of ageing consumers in most developed markets presents a remarkable marketing opportunity for those in the anti-ageing industry. The demand for products that help to diminish or even turn around the ageing process is high. The potential for growth in the anti-ageing market is not only expected to skyrocket, it is here for the long term.


Building on this global anti-ageing megatrend, Nu Skin® delivers ageLOC®. ageLOC® serves as a powerful platform for Nu Skin®'s Distributors as they continue to benefit from significant social and economic megatrends, including the growing ageing population. Additionally, the economic environment bodes well for Nu Skin® ’s direct selling business model as Nu Skin® offers an attractive option for those who need to supplement or replace their income in today’s harsh economy.