Over the years, Nu Skin has garnered many patents related to our science. Most recently, our proprietary anti-aging science has yielded 28 patents filed by Nu Skin or filed by our partners and licensed to Nu Skin. A general description of each of these patented ideas is listed below.



Nu Skin-Developed Patents/Pending on Formulation or Ingredients:


·         Oral formulations counteracting the effects of aging


·         Method of topical application with a proprietary ingredient


·         Agents for sequestering serum aging factors and uses therefore


·         Oral formulations for promoting cellular purification


·         Weight management formulations


·         Nutritional Composition and associated methods


Nu Skin-Developed Patents/Pending on Method:


·         ageLOC validation approach for skin


·         Identifying markers of caloric restriction and caloric restriction mimetics


·         Weight management system


·         Method for identifying agents regulating lipofilling activity


Nu Skin Developed Patents/Pending Customizable Skin Care:


·         Fluid dispenser


·         Fluid cartridge assembly


·         Fluid cartridges


·         Selectively actuated fluid dispenser


·         Treatment heads


·         Device and mechanism for cleansing and treating skin