New customer? Sign up today!
New customer? Sign up today!

Do Members have to opt into the Nu Skin Reward program?

Yes. New Members will need to opt into the Nu Skin Rewards program by visiting nuskin.com or selecting opt-in during sign-up. Any customer or members with a current ADR subscription will automatically be opted into Nu Skin Rewards.


Is there a minimum dollar amount required to purchase in order to earn reward points?

No. There is no minimum spend required. You earn reward points on any amount you spend.


What are reward points equivalent to?

Reward points are valued dollar-for-dollar. So, 10 points equals $10. Redeeming points on purchases provides an even BIGGER discount on already exclusive discount pricing.


Do points expire?

No, points do not expire.


Is there a cap on how many reward points you can earn in a single month?

Yes. There is a cap of 200 points per month.


When will the reward members see their points?

Points are awarded every 48 hours. Come back in a couple of days and see how many points you've earned!


How do you redeem reward points?

As a Nu Skin Rewards Member, you’ll simply need to choose the amount of points you’d like to redeem on any purchase during the checkout process.


Are there any products that you can't redeem with points?

Yes. Certain products and promotional items are not available for purchase using redeemed points.


Do all promotional packages and items earn points?

No. Some promotional items will not earn Nu Skin Reward points.


Can points be redeemed on event tickets?

Unfortunately, Nu Skin Rewards points cannot be redeemed for the purchase of event tickets, including Convention or Kickoff events.


Will you be able to earn points from Subscription?

Yes! Customers and Members can earn points on all subscriptions you have within the Nu Skin Rewards program. Brand Affiliates can have a subscription but do not have the ability to earn points.

What is the definition of Subscription? Same package every month? Number of shipment commitment?

A subscription is a recurring monthly order. You can change products on your subscriptions each month online through Subscription Management. There are no time commitments and no order commitments. You simply need to have an order every month.


Can you put a subscription on hold? How often?

Yes! If you'd like to skip a month of receiving your monthly order, you can place a hold on through Subscription Management. There is no limit to the number of holds.


Can you use points on Subscription packages?

Rewards points cannot be redeemed on subscription packages; however, you will still earn points on Subscription packages.


Do Tier 2 & 3 Members have to have a subscription?

Yes. All Tier 2 & 3 Members are required to have a subscription in order to participate in Nu Skin Rewards. Customers and Members may participate in Nu Skin Rewards without a subscription but will only be eligible to earn 5% points on their purchases as part of Tier 1.


How often do you renew your LUXE VIP?

All current ADR subscribers will automatically transition to Luxe VIP status. In order to maintain LUXE VIP status, you need to have an active subscription and purchase $1000 CAD annually.


If a Member switches to a Brand Affiliate, will they keep their reward points? If so, for how long?

Yes. If a Member decides they would like to convert their account to a Brand Affiliate account, they will continue to be able to spend their Reward Points until their expiration date. No new points will be able to be earned after the switch to Brand Affiliate.


How will the Nu Skin Rewards program affect the Scan Bonus program?

Nu Skin Rewards won't affect the Scan Bonus program at all. Subscriptions function the same as the former ADR program.


How do you get taxed on the total purchase among before or after the discount?

Taxes are calculated based on the discounted price.