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There is no cost to become a Nu Skin Brand Affiliate and no required purchase of products or kits. Furthermore, Brand Affiliates receive commissions only when products are sold, and do not receive any compensation by recruiting others into the business. When products are returned in accordance with our return policy, all previously paid commissions are promptly recouped.


As with any sales opportunity, the compensation earned by Nu Skin Brand Affiliates varies significantly based upon various factors including time devoted to the business, commitment level, and sales and leadership skills. Just as some Brand Affiliates succeed, many others do not.


In order to provide individuals with a realistic expectation regarding the income opportunity associated with becoming a Nu Skin Brand Affiliate, we have published a complete summary of sales compensation paid at all levels within our Global Sales Compensation Plan. These figures are updated annually and published on the official Nu Skin website for each applicable region/market.



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There are two fundamental ways in which a Brand Affiliate can earn compensation:


• Through retail markups on resales of products purchased at wholesale prices; and


• Through sales compensation (sometimes called bonuses) for product sales and the sales by the Brand Affiliate and others on their Team.


As with any other sales opportunity, the compensation earned by Brand Affiliates varies significantly and is based upon factors such as goals, ambition, time, commitment, and skills. There is no cost or purchase requirement to become a Brand Affiliate. People become Brand Affiliates for various reasons. Many people become Brand Affiliates simply to enjoy the Company’s products at discounted Member Prices. Some join the business to improve their skills or to experience the management of their own business. Others become Brand Affiliates, but for various reasons, never engage in Business Activities. Consequently, many Brand Affiliates never qualify for payment of sales compensation. 


Generating sales compensation as a Brand Affiliate requires considerable time, effort, and dedication. Success will also depend upon your skills, talents, and leadership abilities. There is no guarantee of financial success and results will vary widely among participants. 


Retail Markup


Brand Affiliates can buy products from the Company at Member Prices and resell the products to customers. The difference between the price at which they resell the product and the Member Price is their retail markup. As Brand Affiliates set their own pricing on resales of product, the Company does not provide an estimate of average income from product resales by Brand Affiliates or include it in this sales compensation summary. 




Brand Affiliates can also earn sales compensation for product sales by the Brand Affiliate and others on their Team in all markets where the Company does business, with the exception of Mainland China. No sales compensation is paid for sales of promotional materials.


The purpose of this document is to provide accurate and straightforward information regarding sales compensation paid to Brand Affiliates by the Company. The table below sets forth detailed information concerning sales compensation paid to Brand Affiliates registered in Canada in 2023(1).


Generating compensation as a Brand Affiliate requires considerable time, effort, and commitment. This is not a get rich quick program and there are no guarantees of financial success. 


TITLE Monthly Average Sales Compensation, Before Expenses(2) Average Percentage of Active Brand Affiliates Average Percentage of Brand Representative and Above
Brand Affiliate (Non-Brand Representative) $33 13.75% n/a
Qualifying Brand Representative $131 0.94% n/a
Brand Representative $515 3.53% 54.94%
Gold Partner $884 1.26% 19.59% 
Lapis Partner $1,766 0.90% 14.01%
Ruby Partner $2,903 0.16% 2.55% 
Emerald Director $4,553 0.38% 5.89% 
Diamond Director $7,161 0.09% 1.43%
Blue Diamond Director $22,583 0.10% 1.59%


The average number of active Brand Affiliates(3) each month in Canada was 9,775. On a monthly basis, an average of approximately 2,064 Brand Affiliates, or 21.1% of the active Brand Affiliates in Canada earned a sales compensation payment.


If you have any questions concerning this information, please contact the company at (800) 487-1000.



(1) The table only includes Brand Affiliates who qualify to receive sales compensation. Brand Affiliates who only purchase products for personal use do not qualify to receive sales compensation and hence, they are not included in the table.


(2)  Note that these figures do not represent a Brand Affiliate’s profit, as they do not consider expenses incurred by a Brand Affiliate in the promotion of his/her business and they do not include retail markup income. Common expenses may include, but are not limited to, travel, office supplies, license fees, insurance premiums, and legal or accounting fees.


(3)  An “active” Brand Affiliate is defined as any Brand Affiliate who either made a personal purchase, sponsored another account, or received a Sharing Bonus during the most recent three-month period.