Business Advisories

From time-to-time, the company will issue important updates or “advisories” that could have a meaningful impact on a Brand Affiliate’s business and the company’s reputation. We ask that Brand Affiliates check back often, as business advisories can and will change on a regular basis. Please be advised that violating any of the advisories listed below could result in disciplinary action. Please see the “Contact Us” section for information on how to contact the company with questions or report violations.


EmpowerSTART Incentive Program:


Nu Skin is excited to introduce the EmpowerSTART Incentive Program, which allows Brand Affiliates to earn incredible bonuses by achieving important performance milestones. When promoting this new incentive, it’s vital that all Brand Affiliates closely follow the EmpowerSTART Incentive Guidelines found here. Any promotion of the EmpowerSTART Incentive that is inconsistent with these guidelines is strictly prohibited.


ageLOC WellsSpa IO:


As one of our newest products, ageLOC WellSpa iO is an amazing device with proven benefits. As WellSpa iO begins to launch in markets across the globe, please remember to stick only to approved usage instructions and claims found on the website and the Product Information Page for your market.  Even if you or your customers have experienced great results from using WellSpa iO, only official claims that have been substantiated by Nu Skin can be shared. 


For more information, we invite you to review our WellSpa iO Promotional Guidelines here as well as the Product Information Page here. The official WellSpa iO User Manual can be found here.


ageLOC Meta:


As one of our newest products, ageLOC Meta is an amazing supplement with incredible benefits. In order to maintain the momentum we’re seeing as our Brand Affiliates continue to promote ageLOC Meta, please remember to stick only to approved claims found on our website or the Product Information Page.  Even if you or your customers have experienced great results from taking Meta, only official claims that have been substantiated by Nu Skin can be shared. Additionally, unapproved claims regarding medical/health conditions or weight loss (including before and after pictures) cannot be used.


For more information, we invite you to review our Product Claims video.




The TikTok Community Guidelines prohibit the posting or sharing of content that promotes or depicts multi-level marketing. Consistent with our mission to be a force for good, and in order to uphold the company’s reputation, Brand Affiliates may not promote the business opportunity through the TikTok platform, including, but not limited to, posts about Nu Skin related events, incentive trips, or Affiliate promotions. Brand Affiliates can only use TikTok to promote company products as long as content does not violate Nu Skin’s Policies and Procedures and other sections of TikTok’s Community Guidelines, including country-specific  requirements, restrictions, or claims.





WhatsApp, a well-known global messaging platform, recently updated Business and Commerce Policies for its standalone business application – not to be confused with the personal WhatsApp application. The policies, which apply to all business tools, including the WhatsApp Business app and WhatsApp Business Solution, prohibit businesses from transacting in products or services related to multi-level marketing. Consistent with this policy, any Brand Affiliates utilizing the standalone WhatsApp business application or tools must immediately cease any and all promotion of the Nu Skin products and business opportunity using the business platform.





Pinterest’s Advertising Guidelines prohibit users from posting certain types of advertisements, including those related to multilevel marketing models. These guidelines further prohibit all content related to weight loss from being posted/shared, including advertisements. As a result, Brand Affiliates can in no way use advertisements on Pinterest to promote the Nu Skin business opportunity, products, or weight management programs – even advertisements only directed at people who have engaged with you. However, Brand Affiliates may continue using pins to share information about the products and business opportunity, in accordance with Nu Skin’s Social Sharing Guidelines. All content must also comply with the requirements of Pinterest’s Paid Partnership Guidelines, including endorsement requirements (e.g., #ad, #sponsored).





Etsy’s Seller Policy prohibits users from posting certain types of items. Specifically, Etsy states that it is “a unique marketplace. Buyers come here to purchase items that they might not find anywhere else. Everything listed for sale on Etsy must be handmade, vintage, or a craft supply.” As a result, Brand Affiliates cannot sell or promote Nu Skin and/or Pharmanex products on Etsy.  Moreover, any handmade item that incorporates Nu Skin intellectual property must first be approved by the company.  Any handcrafted item that is listed in violation of Nu Skin policy will be immediately reported to Etsy as a violation of its Intellectual Property Policy and Nu Skin will ask that the content/material be disabled or removed.