ageLOC Science

Nu Skin brings together a world-class team of scientists whose pioneering research and insights have changed how the world understands aging. Their work details the genetic basis of aging while demonstrating that biological aging is no longer considered an inexorable or inevitable process. Building on these insights, Nu Skin developed ageLOC science.


Through ageLOC science, Nu Skin has the ability to go beyond the symptoms of aging to target the ultimate sources of aging. Nu Skin and our collaborators are focusing on identifying the ultimate sources of aging called "age related super markers" or arSuperMarkers. Nu Skin's first arSuperMarker, arNOX, is an age-related ECTO-NOX protein found on the cell surface that is capable of superoxide generation.


Nu Skin next identified groups of genes that play a central role in the aging process, key arSuperMarkers called Youth Gene Clusters (YGCs). Using proprietary ageLOC science and ingredients, we have found ways to reset these YGCs to reflect a more youthful profile.


ageLOC science is not dependent on any single discovery or scientific paper. This innovative approach is the result of years of unparalleled research in skin and nutritional science combined with some of the greatest minds in the scientific world. Our Nu Skin research and development scientists have incorporated key learnings from leading genetic researchers and anti-aging specialists. Our knowledge and understanding of these learnings are then applied in the development of proprietary, innovative, safe, and effective products. We are revolutionizing the nutrition and personal care industries with products that offer comprehensive anti-aging solutions.


We believe that over the next five to 10 years as the ageLOC scientific approach matures, its full impact will be realized in many ways, including both topical and ingestible applications. The ageLOC scientific approach provides Nu Skin with the technology to further enhance our tradition of innovation. It's an exciting time for Nu Skin science!



There are several patents associated with our ageLOC science, ingredients, and products. While ageLOC research and development continue, this groundbreaking research has already led to 16 patents or patents pending.