ageLOC TR90 System

Transform Your Life with ageLOC TR90

Introducing ageLOC TR90, a breakthrough weight management system, based on highly innovative gene expression science that helps you stay motivated as you work towards your goal via:


Innovative Products

At the core of the clinically proven system, ageLOC TR90 products are the newest members of the "SuperClass" of ageLOC products – leveraging in gene expression science to unify body and mind in powerful partnership.


Simple Eating Plan

The ageLOC TR90 eating plan focuses on improving metabolism and maintaining lean muscle mass by leveraging on foods that help your body burn rather than store the food you eat.


By adopting the 3-3-3-3 eating plan and using a simple hand size guide to determine your daily portions to build a better meal everyday. Track your transformation journey and diet with the Food Diary, and you will be on the success path to a healthier you!

Active Lifestyle

The ageLOC TR90 Weight Management System incorporates and recognizes the importance of exercise. So be active and have fun! Find activities that interest you and are at the right intensity for your physical state. After some time, you can increase the intensity.

Recommended exercise guide:

3 times a week

At least 30 minutes every time

With heartbeat of 130 per minute*

Go for 3 months / 90 days

*Not applicable for individuals with heart diseases.