What is the Nu Skin enJoy Rewards program?


The Nu Skin enJoy Rewards is designed to reward and thank loyal customers for purchasing Nu Skin products and participating in certain brand experiences. The Nu Skin enJoy Rewards program is your ticket to discover the best you through exclusive deals, delightful surprises, and personalized Nu Skin experiences.

What are the benefits of the Nu Skin enJoy Rewards program?


As a Nu Skin enJoy Rewards member, you'll enJoy:

• Earning reward points for purchases.

• Exclusive access to promotions and seasonal saving.
- Rewards redemption options to be used for variety of benefits that may include products.
- Welcome and other milestone gifts.

How does the Nu Skin enJoy Rewards program work?


With Nu Skin enJoy Rewards Program, you are able to earn specific tiered benefits based on specific behaviors (see below). Once you reach a certain tier, you may be eligible for certain benefits and rewards applicable to that tier, which benefits may change from time to time and may be offered on a limited basis. Eligible purchases and other opportunities to earn points may be sent to you by email/SMS or published through other media (e.g., on the web site, apps, social media, etc.).



Nu Skin enJoy Rewards Program has Two (2) tiers with associated benefits:



enJoy Club:

Sign up for Nu Skin enJoy and purchase a minimum of BND70 per transaction to start earning 5% points. After that, for every BND70 you spend, you will earn additional sets of 5% points. You’ll be able to redeem those points on eligible Nu Skin product by the expiration date.



enJoy Premier:

Sign up for Nu Skin enJoy and enroll in the Automatic Re-ordering Program (ARO), you will earn 10% points for every BND70 spent per transaction, with a BND70 minimum spend. You’ll be able to redeem those points on eligible Nu Skin product by the expiration date.



Should you cancel your ARO monthly subscription, you’ll will drop back to the enJoy Club status.



What would happen if I missed payment of my ARO for a month or so and I don’t cancel my subscription, will the system automatically drop me back to the enJoy Club?


Your Tier status will not be dropped to enJoy Club unless your subscription contract is terminated in accordance with the subscription terms and conditions.

Signing Up


Q) How do I join the Nu Skin enJoy Rewards Program?
A) You can join the Nu Skin enJoy Rewards program by signing up at www.nuskin.com and following the prompts to register. In order to sign up, you must provide us your information including email address and set up a username and password. If you already have a username and password with Nu Skin, you simply need to complete the rest of the Nu Skin enJoy Rewards registration process to be enrolled.


Q) Is there a cost to join Nu Skin enJoy Rewards?

A)  No, there is no cost to join.


Q) Who is eligible to join the Nu Skin enJoy Rewards?

A) The Nu Skin enJoy Rewards program is available to Brand Affiliates who are legal residents of Brunei and at least 18 years of age or older and who provide and maintain a valid email address. Brand Affiliates who are Qualifying Brand Representatives and above are not eligible to participate in the Nu Skin enJoy Rewards Program.


Q) What am I agreeing to by joining the Nu Skin enJoy Rewards program?

A) By becoming a Nu Skin enJoy Rewards member, you agree that you have read, understood and agree to be bound by the Program Terms & Conditions and by the terms of our Privacy Policy and by any changes or modifications we may make in the future.

Rewards Points


Q) How are points earned?

A) Points are awarded when your customers make product purchases that reach a certain minimum and then subsequent spend levels. Taxes, shipping, and handling charges are not included in the calculation of points earned. Points are only awarded on purchases that are made though Nu Skin’s system, a purchase made directly from a Brand Affiliate will not earn points if the purchase is not linked to your Nu Skin account.


Q) Can I earn points on product purchase made in other countries (markets)?

A) No, you can only earn points from product purchases made in your local country (market).


Q) Can I redeem my points in other countries?

A) No, you can only redeem points in the country (market) where you are registered.


Q) How can I tell when my points are going to expire?

A) An expiration date will be shown in your Nu Skin enJoy Rewards program account page (and other possible areas of the web site).


Q) If I return a product or cancel an order, will the points I earned be deducted?

A) Yes. When you return a product or cancel an order, the amount of points you have earned will be deducted from the total points on the Nu Skin enjoy Rewards account holder currrently has.


Q) Are there products that don’t earn points or aren’t redeemable with points?

A) Yes. All products will be marked whether or not they earn or are redeemable with points. Sales materials, accessories, and business kits are examples of products that may be exempt from earning points or being eligible for redemption with the Nu Skin enJoy Rewards program. These can differ from markets to markets. Please check with your local markets for more details. Also, Nu Skin enJoy points cannot be layered with other promotions (unless otherwise specified). However, they can be stacked within a single transaction, that is batches of points earned at different times can be redeemed together on a single transaction.


Q) Are there any restrictions to what I can purchase with points?

A) Yes. You may purchase Nu Skin and Pharmanex products under the enJoy Rewards Program. However under this Program, you cannot purchase sponsoring & promotional packages, sales materials, accessories, business kit and other specified products or services as outlined on the (Nu Skin website). Please check with your local market Nu SKin office for more details.


Q) Do I have to have enough Nu Skin enJoy points to pay for an entire product or transaction?

A) No, you can redeem Nu Skin enJoy points as a partial payment for a larger transaction. You can use enJoy points to pay up to maximum of 60% of the total order amount per transaction, then make up the difference with the payment type of your choice.


Q) What will happen to my points balance if I return a product which I have earned points for?

A) Points earned on an order are deducted when the order is refunded and the return is settled.


Q) Will there be any termination penalty if I chose to stop participating in the enJoy program? What will happen to my remaining points?

A) There is no penalty if you choose to opt out of the enJoy program, however you will lose all remaining points in your account.

Point Redemption


Q) When are my points awarded?
A) Product points are awarded as soon as the required amount of product purchase is successfully processed or after the specified action or event is completed. If you earn points with a product purchase, spend those points to purchase product, and then return the original product that earned the points in the first place, a corresponding number of points will be deleted from your account.


Q) How can points be redeemed?
A) They can be redeemed directly through Nu Skin channels (online, email, or at experience centers).  


Q) How can I see how many points I have available?
A) You can check online in the Nu Skin enJoy Rewards Program account page. You will be able to see points available, being earned, points redeemed, and points that are going to expire.


Q) Do I pay taxes and shipping costs when I use points?
A) Yes, you will have to pay taxes and shipping cost. Points are only applied to specified product purchases.


Q) Can I return a product or other items that I purchased with points?
A) Yes, you can return a product and items purchased with product points, however, you will lose the points used to purchase the product or items and you will not receive a refund for the portion of the purchase made with points.


Q) Can I redeem points at experience centers?
A) Yes.


Q) Can I redeem points online?
A) Yes. You can redeem them on a one-time order or on your subscription orders.    


Q) Can anybody else use my points?
A) No. Points are strictly non-transferable and may only be used by the member to whom they are issued. Please keep in mind that each individuals may not have more than one account in the Nu Skin system. If you are found to be duplicating accounts with enrollment in the Nu Skin enJoy program, both accounts will be terminated and all points earned by you under whicever account will be cancelled.


Q) Do my points expire?
A) Yes. Points are valid until the expiration date which is indicated on your account.


Tier Status


Q) Does my tier status expire?
A) Your status for enJoy Club and enJoy Premier will remain the same as long as you stay enrolled in the Nu Skin enJoy program and continue to maintain the level of activity needed to earn into those tiers (e.g. active ARO monthly subscription for enJoy Premier).


Q) Do I have to inform the company if I want to stop participating in the enJoy program? If so, what are the procedures?
A) Yes, if you want to terminate your enJoy membership, you will need to inform the company by clicking “opt-out” on the enJoy page and then following the instructional prompts on the screen to complete the procedure.


Q) After I opt out of the enJoy program, can I enroll back again into enJoy program? When I re-enroll in the enJoy program, can I continue with the previous balance?
A) You can re-enroll in the enJoy program. Your original enJoy membership will be reactivated to the last level it was before your prior termination, but your rewards balance will be refreshed and reset to zero.


Q) If I decide to do this as a long-term business, when will I graduate from the enJoy program - after I submit my Letter Of Intent (LOI) or when I pass my LOI?
A) The enJoy program is offered to pre-LOI customers. You will graduate from the enJoy program and stop earning enJoy points when your recognize title is changed to Qualified Brand Representative. You will be rewarded through the Velocity program for your efforts to build business.


Q) I am currently a customer who is enrolled in enJoy Premier and with an active ARO. What will happen to my ARO and monthly delivery after I submit LOI and graduate from the enJoy program?
A) After you submit your LOI and graduate from the enJoy program, your ARO contract will remain unchanged and you can continue receiving monthly deliveries as scheduled. You can use the remaining enJoy points in your balance until they expire, but you will no longer earn enJoy points.


Q) If I am a Brand Affiliate and an existing ARO member, am I automatically enrolled under enJoy Premier if I opt in in enJoy program?
A) Yes, you will be automatically placed in enJoy Premier if you are a Brand Affiliate and an existing ARO member.