To Lay San & Marcus Loh

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4 Year Presidential Director


“Pure thinking will create questions; only Actions will generate answers. Too much doubts will delay your growth; taking Actions will get you to your goals.”


For Lay San and Marcus, giving up their high-income jobs that many envied and ventured into a business from scratch was not just for realizing their own dreams, but is also for the sake of their family. They think that there is one thing that cannot be delayed; enjoying sweet success with their family, as delaying it will only devalue the impacts!


Gratitude, this is what this pair of working partners are most thankful for in their Nu Skin business. Lay San is truly grateful for her encounter with Nu Skin, “I can’t thank my sponsor enough for introducing me to Nu Skin, a platform that allows an ordinary person like me to have the chance to experience the rewarding opportunity that can influence three generations. Indeed, Nu Skin is an amazing business opportunity than can positively impact lives. We become better as we help others to succeed,” explained Lay San with deepest gratitude.


Marcus, on the other hand, is grateful for the challenges and learning along the path of their success. “I’m thankful for all those who have rejected me, giving me the chance to learn. I’m also grateful to my angels who have thought me the solutions. Most importantly, I’m glad that I did not have to walk this path alone to fight the battle single handedly. Thanks to my team who support and assist me in growing our Nu Skin business,” he expressed with smiles before continuing to explain that Nu Skin business is a simple business. The keys to succeed in this business are to take action, and to repeat the simple steps continuously with great determination. Success is just a reach away!


The partners admitted that they had to first drop their ego before opening their hearts to understand the business. This is a business that everyone will love as it can  create an extraordinary achievement, allowing them and their family to live in peace, with total financial flexibility and time freedom, painting a beautiful and exciting life for themselves. Amongst these, they can also influence others positively.


Qualified as 4 Year Team Elite, our top achievers would like to thank 1 Million Dollar Circle, 2 Year Platinum Team Elite, 6 Year Team Elite, Evelyn Lai & Jonathan Chong for leading by example, bringing the team forward. Moving on, they wish to continue to fight for the Team Elite title and become Million Dollar Circle as they lead their team to fight for the same goals and objectives, creating achievements beyond personal satisfaction, but for the honor and pride of the entire team! 

To qualify for any pin level or title you must meet all the requirements of the Sales Compensation Plan for your market. Not all sales leaders succeed or make profit. Generating meaningful compensation as a sales leader requires considerable time, effort, and commitment. For more information, please contact the Nu Skin office in your home market or go to