Macy Wong & Tho Ching Wei

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Macy Wong & Tho Ching Wei

1 Year Presidential Director


“100% of giving will bring you 100% in returns.”


Macy Wong, Tho Ching Wei and Dion Wong were white collar employees upon graduation. With an initial hope that Nu Skin can help them in achieving greater time and financial freedom, the threesome ventured into the Nu Skin opportunity only to find out that the company has a bigger goal installed for them. “Nu Skin is an opportunity where we will become successful by helping others succeed,” said our new crowned Team Elite leaders who came to realize the Nu Skin’s mission years after venturing into the business.


One would need to be daring enough to face the challenges as they strive for their success. “We are not afraid to fail. We believe that our success is made up by the number of falls we had. As long as we keep getting up and stand stronger each time we fall, we are already a step closer to success,” said Macy.


The mindset and mentality is the utmost important element to be successful in this business. “We cannot be too calculative and narrow minded when we are put on trials. We should see each challenge with a positive and calm mind,” advised Ching Wei as he recalled how their accumulated experiences have helped to push them towards their achievement today.


Nu Skin is a platform that allows any dreamer to succeed. All you need is to believe – believe in the company, the products and your team, and you will be successful. “Follow the company’s direction to achieve your goals. Believing will give you the strength; Leverage on the team for greater achievement. Pour in massive action and you will become who you want to be with a bright future. Now is the time for you to activate your future!” Dion said with confidence.


To this team of Leaders, they keep their persistency by remembering their initial decision of joining the business. “We kept reminding ourselves that we only have one goal in this business and it is to empower the people around us to improve lives through Nu Skin’s Force For Good. And these of course, include our family members.”


The Leaders would like to thank Nu Skin for guiding them in becoming a better person. “Thank you for improving our lives through the company’s Force for Good culture, allowing us to understand the true value of life. We also want to extend our gratitude to 1 Year Team Elite Platinum, 3 Year Team Elite & 1 Million Dollar Circle, Evelyn Lai & Jonathan Chong for their consistent support, encouragement and acknowledgement. They have helped in making our lives more colorful!”

To qualify for any pin level or title you must meet all the requirements of the Sales Compensation Plan for your market. Not all sales leaders succeed or make profit. Generating meaningful compensation as a sales leader requires considerable time, effort, and commitment. For more information, please contact the Nu Skin office in your home market or go to