Lim Kheng Yeow, Lau Kit Eu, Tan Chin Leng & Liew Yet Mei

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Lim Kheng Yeow, Lau Kit Eu,
Tan Chin Leng & Liew Yet Mei

4 Year Presidential Director


“The Success Formula: Dream, Set Goals, Believe, Take Action, Lead”


“This is a business that brings you happiness and freedom,” proclaimed Kheng Yeow and Chin Leng after successfully qualified as Team Elite member for the fourth time.


After confirming Nu Skin as their global business platform, Kheng Yeow, Kit Eu, Chin Leng and Yet Mei have worked very hard to build up the business and the team, leading by example. They have successfully built strong business teams in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and China respectively. With this, they have made their way to re-qualify as Team Elite 4 Years.


“Nu Skin is a business opportunity that allows anyone to enjoy extraordinary lifestyle and freedom. Through the wonderful products and amazing culture the company offers, we have helped many to realize their dreams,” said Kheng Yeow and Chin Leng. They have continued to learn and grow since they have joined Nu Skin. With guidance offered by their leaders, they have developed a strong team who likes to help people. They have led by example and duplicated the right concept, helping their team to grow and duplicate further.


Entering the Nu Skin 2.0 era, this pair of business partners promise more: to lead by example, re-adjust their mindset, start anew and bring their team to the top. “Nu Skin’s success formula includes Dream, Set Goals, Believe, Take Action and Lead. These are something that every business builders who wish to succeed should have,” they shared. Their motto: Happily doing it all over again!


The business partners conveyed their gratitude to their passionate, outstanding and responsible uplines 20 Million Dollar Circle Member & Team Elite 19 Years, Mr. & Mrs. Wang Kuan Ming; 1 Million Dollar Circle Member & Team Elite 5 Years, See Kwang Seng & Liew Kim Eng; Blue Diamond Executive, Shirley Tan & Jenny See; and Team Elite 1 Year, Christine Yu & Kenny See for their generous sacrifices. They also thanked their excellent uplines who worked hard to realize their dreams.


On top of this, they have also made a promise to their downlines, which they intend to keep: “Let’s meet at the top!”

To qualify for any pin level or title you must meet all the requirements of the Sales Compensation Plan for your market. Not all sales leaders succeed or make profit. Generating meaningful compensation as a sales leader requires considerable time, effort, and commitment. For more information, please contact the Nu Skin office in your home market or go to