Jason Chong & Elaine Lim

Jason Chong & Elaine Lim

1 Year Team Elite Platinum & 1 Year Team Elite

"Love people, love everyone and help them achieve success."


For Elaine and Jason, Nu Skin not only turned their financial goals into reality, it marked a new chapter in their personal lives as well. It was through Nu Skin that they met each other, fell in love and became life partners.


Having started the business in their twenties, Nu Skin was a completely new career path for both of them. As their previous jobs gave them little sales experience – Elaine was an auditor while Jason was an electronic engineer – they had a lot to pick up in the beginning. Thus, they started to learn about the business together and motivated each other towards success. As their new business flourished, so did their romance, and a few short years later, the couple tied the knot.


"One of the most memorable and life-changing experiences about our Nu Skin journey was meeting each other. Never in my wildest dreams did I thought I would meet my future husband here," Elaine says, adding that she share many similar values and mutual interests with her husband, with family and flexibility on top of their list of life priorities. These shared values are a constant source of inspiration for them to strive for excellence in their Nu Skin business.


"Flexibility is very important to us," Elaine shares. "And so is our family. Nu Skin provides us with the ideal platform to do what we love while allowing us to have the flexibility to allocate time for our family. Through leveraged income obtained from this business, we can also provide our family with a better and more comfortable life."


To get to where they are today, Elaine and Jason have their fair share of challenges. "The challenges are mostly on a personal level," Elaine says. "For instance, I am a very result-driven person and I also have very high expectations of others. I expect others to be like me, think like me. When you approach the business with this mindset, there are bound to be disappointments. From here, I learn to see things from other's point of view. For example, taking the time to understand that other people have their own definition of success and happiness."


Jason, on the other hand, shares that his lack of sales experience with sales as a key challenge. "Sales was never my strength," Jason says. "What helped me was setting a goal and focusing on achieving it. To me, it is all about willing to do what it takes to succeed."


With personal growth as their cornerstone, Jason and Elaine are expanding their focus to help more people achieve success through self-transformation. “We aim to become somebody in Nu Skin worldwide," Elaine says. "Our objective is to work together with many people and help them attain their goals. To us, success is not just about our own accomplishments, it is also about helping the people around us reach for their dreams.”

To qualify for any title, you must meet all the requirements of the Sales Compensation Plan, including retail sales. Generating meaningful compensation as a Brand Affiliate requires considerable time, effort and commitment. Success will also depend upon your skills, talents and leadership abilities. There are no guarantees of financial success and results will vary widely among participants. A complete summary of earnings at each level in the Sales Compensation Plan can be found at: www.nuskin.com