Cassandra Lee & Jack Kerk

Jack Kerk & Cassandra Lee

1 Year Team Elite


“Find the right direction, use the right method”


When you are ready to change your life, the right opportunities will come knocking at the door. For Jack and Cassandra, the time for change came when they realized that they were still nowhere closer to their financial goal even after working hard in the corporate line for more than a decade.


Prior to Nu Skin, Jack was a General Manager of a public listed company, but an industrial engineer by profession, while Cassandra was a finance manager. "My goal was to retire early, but judging from what we were doing, I knew we wouldn't be able to fulfil that. In fact, I was getting tired and feeling lost. It was at this time that we got to know about Nu Skin products and business model and discovered we could generate opportunities from this platform if we put in our hard work." says Jack.


After continuous hard work, their business flourished and has brought them the leveraged income that they desired. However, Nu Skin offered them more than just personal accomplishments. It was the experience of working towards success with their team that made all the difference in their life.


"Nu Skin really changed how we perceive success. it was always about accomplishing something for myself previously. At Nu Skin, when our team succeeds, it’s our success as well. Having a team of people who strive together with us towards the best - that's what makes this business very fulfilling."


This sense of fulfilment and team spirit culminated into Jack and Cassandra's recent achievement of Team Elite status. "We feel excited and thrilled about this new title as it means we can move forward to greater heights in our business. I recalled that in the beginning it was just me and Cassandra. Today, my team has grown so much! " Jack says.


"We believe that the key to our success is to be focused and not to lose track of what you want to achieve. We have team targets that we consistently aim for. It's also important to build a solid team so that we have a strong foundation to achieve our goals. Teamwork is one of the cornerstones of our success."


Challenges in this business became a learning curve for them, as they have to repeatedly step out of their comfort zone. They learned to be patient with people no matter how difficult they are and cultivated self-discipline. "It's never about changing other people. At Nu Skin, the journey is all about personal transformation and growing to be the best version of yourself.”

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