Yap Siew Fong

Yap Siew Fong

Executive Brand Director

"Our actions and decisions today will shape the way we will be living in the future."


Previously a Senior Data Manager in the Exploration Department for a French international oil company, Siew Fong has been in the industry for over 17 years. While she was enjoying the lucrative benefits the job gave her, she has learned to never be complacent and take anything for granted.


Several year ago, she was already on high alert about the incoming oil and gas crisis. Having seen her peers from the same industry getting retrenched, she knew that her current position may not be sustainable in the long run. At that time, she was working and living in Singapore with her husband and two kids. This was when she got to know Nu Skin through a secondary school mate who introduced her to Nu Skin anti-aging products.


When she began to reap good results from the products, it ignited her interest to learn more about Nu Skin. The more she got to know about the business, the more she realized that Nu Skin could be a good fallback plan. She decided to take up Nu Skin as a part-time stint and worked hard to build up the business.


Joining Nu Skin was one of the best decisions that she made. It was a huge blow to her when her company handed her a redundancy package later on, but she took it as a good sign because she could finally do Nu Skin on a full-time basis back in Malaysia. As she had been building the business consistently throughout the last couple of years, she could transition to this new career path with ease.


"It was all good timing and a blessing in disguise. I am very glad I took up the Nu Skin opportunity earlier on. If I hadn’t, I wouldn't have something solid to fall back on. While our life has changed, we are still able to maintain our lifestyle. I am now more centred as I can fully focus on Nu Skin,” Siew Fong says. “This business requires hard work, but it gives me a peace of mind and a sense of security as well.”


Siew Fong shares that she is thankful for all the positive experiences she encountered in her Nu Skin journey. "The happiest moment for me is when someone said a simple "thank you" for helping them become healthier and happier. It's always a great feeling to see someone achieve success on this platform," Siew Fong says. “I really like how Nu Skin gives us the opportunity to approach the business from a win-win point of view. It’s this philosophy that makes this business a truly meaningful endeavour.”

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