Tjong Kian Chai & Ng Yang Joo

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Tjong Kian Chai &
Ng Yang Joo

Blue Diamond Executive

“Success is not a question of whether you’re able or unable, but whether you’re willing or unwilling to strive to accomplish your goals.”

Like many white collar workers, Tjong Kian Chai and his wife were salaried professionals who invested all their effort into building their careers. Though there were times they felt satisfied with what they had achieved through their hard work, they realized that there was a limit to their growth and earnings as employees in corporations.

Today, the couple enjoys the ideal lifestyle they have always dreamt of – a lifestyle filled with multiple freedom. “It wasn’t until I met Tjong Kok Choi that I began to understand the real meaning of the direct selling business. What he shared with me about the Nu Skin Enterprises business has transformed our lives. Nu Skin Enterprises has provided us with a global platform, offering the most lucrative sales compensation plan, innovative products and a Force For Good culture where we can share the opportunity of everlasting health, beauty, wealth and personal freedom with everyone we meet in comfort, integrity and honesty.”

As to how he steered clear from being overwhelmed by challenges along the way, Kian Chai shares, “Being young and determined were our biggest assets that helped us adapt to the many changes and challenges along the way.”

“It is not uncommon to find people defeated by the many problems that occur during the advancement of entrepreneurship. Success is not a question of whether you’re able or unable, but whether you’re willing or unwilling to strive to accomplish your goals. We always believe that each of us is filled with extraordinary potentials. To succeed, it becomes necessary to invest your mind and soul into the business, set measurable goals, go full force into action and work hard in order to excel. In this business, rejections are certain, but if you take it as part of the learning process, it can turn into a great motivator, leading you into a business filled with honesty, integrity and thanksgiving. And the outcome of the process is the best reward in this business.”

“I would like to thank our team who has helped and supported us unselfishly, leading us to a better and brighter future — my sponsor, Tjong Kok Choi and Chee Meng Joo and 20 Million Dollar Circle Member & Team Elite 14 Years, Wang K’uan Ming and Chen Ming Chu, for offering us a learning environment filled with examples of success and the secret to ‘know-how’ techniques; 1 Million Dollar Circle Member & Team Elite 4 Years, See Kwang Seng and Liew Kim Eng, Team Elite 3 Years, Lim Kheng Yeow,Lau Kit Eu, Tan Ching Leng and Liew Yet Mei for their leadership and sacrifices; Blue Diamond Executive uplines, Jenny See and Shirley Tan and Kenny See and Christine See for their guidance and support.”

“Let’s offer all we have to motivate our partners towards success! We’ll meet at the top!”