Shirley Tan Shit Leh & Ong Say Way

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Tan Shit Leh &
Ong Say Way

Blue Diamond Executive

“Becoming Blue Diamond is the beginning of
Nu Skin business, learn together, strive and grow with Nu Skin's partners, these are my most precious memories and valuable motivation.”

I had the privilege to meet uplines, Albert & Amy who were introduced by my friend. After using 180 Skin Therapy System, my acne problem was cured and my skin condition improved completely. With my skin problems over, I stopped spending money on things like beauty salons. I even shared with others about the product as I was its walking testimony. Along the way, my destiny slowly unfolds: from a loyal user, I became a Nu Skin business builder.

As an office worker, I never thought Nu Skin can be built as a business. But thanks to Blue Diamond Albert & Amy who persistently guided me, I understood that on top of my daily work, I can use my free time to build the Nu Skin business as well. Believing that I am the testimony of the product, I had the courage to share with others and the business opportunity it presented. Previously, I was working for nearly 13 years. I worked everyday from day to night. I felt overworked and was paid a meagre salary. I realized that no matter how much effort I put in, I will not get the same in return. At the end of the day, I felt physically and mentally fatigued. I was hoping for a career runway.

It was then I decided to embark on the Nu Skin business as a part-time job. At that time, I was just giving it a try. But soon I found out that my part-time income was way higher than my daily job! I saw the vast difference between being employed and building your own business. With much consideration, backed by my family's support and especially my husband's support, I had no worries and did my best in building the Nu Skin business. I began my journey with Nu Skin and successfully achieved Blue Diamond status in just one and a half years.

In fact, I was not the kind of person with strong ability and efficiency. However, in building up the Nu Skin business, I have experienced different things in life. Receiving guidance from my team and uplines, I learned, grew and had opportunities to lead with other great partners. To move forward in your dreams, you need to walk in the right direction, believe in your dreams and always have faith in it, continuously learning, taking action and be persistent!

From a disciplined office worker to where I am today, I feel really happy. I am very thankful to those who have helped me built my Nu Skin business. A million thanks to 1 Million Dollar Circle Member, Liao Yu Chin & Li Hsiao Wen for their cultivation and care, the dedication and guidance from 1 Million Dollar Circle Member Kuo Shih San & Chi Ching Ch’i, upline Blue Diamond Wang Hsin Mei for guiding me patiently and Blue Diamond Albert & Amy for their continuous support and showing concern for me.

The guidance of uplines helped me to become a Blue Diamond and be successful for the future. Becoming a Blue Diamond is just the beginning of the Nu Skin business. I hope that through Nu Skin, I will be able to find true happiness by helping other Nu Skin partners become Blue Diamond. My next target would be Team Elite. I hope to work with other Nu Skin partners to achieve all my dreams in life!