Shawn & Christine

Shawn & Christine

Executive Brand Director

"Winners complete what they start."

Christine, a stewardess based in Dubai, enjoyed her exciting career, but after too many years away from home, she missed her family and wanted to be there for her two kids and see them grow up. Her husband, Shawn, was in the insurance line and managed a live band on the side. He loved music and wanted to have more flexibility to spend time to cultivate his musical interest.

Coincidentally at this time, a passenger recommended Christine to try Nu Skin's skincare products. This was how she learned about Nu Skin and subsequently the business opportunity. "After using the products, many people noticed the positive results and started to ask me what I was using," says Christine. "I told them about Nu Skin, and they were excited to give it a try."

From thereon, Christine began to explore Nu Skin with Shawn from a business point of view. Through hard work and perseverance, they found success in the course of exploring the Nu Skin business opportunity. The couple has recently been recognised as Executive Brand Directors, a title that proves that their labour of love has paid off in many ways. One of them is personal growth.

"Before Nu Skin, I was an introvert and didn't like talking to others. But now, I have become more outspoken and cheerful," Christine shares. For Shawn, he finally has the flexibility to immerse in his music passion with a peace of mind.

While Christine and Shawn enjoyed their Nu Skin journey, there were challenges along the way that truly tested their tenacity and passion for the business. "To overcome these challenges, we decided to focus on the solution instead of fixating on the problem," Christine says. "Learning new skills was our way to resolve the challenges. We picked up new communication skills as well as marketing and social marketing know-how. We also readjusted our mindset and strategies, and started all over again by introducing Nu Skin products and business opportunities to people."

Regardless of what they encountered, they did their very best with determination, perseverance and hard work on this journey. Their advice to those who aspire to achieve their goals is to keep on learning. "Don't overestimate academic qualifications and don't underestimate the will of learning," Christine says.

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