C Kogeelathavi Sinniah & P Jeevaratnam Sinniah

C Kogeelathavi Sinniah & P Jeevaratnam Sinniah

Executive Brand Director

"Go towards your fears and conquer SELF"


“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.” This famous quote by Maya Angelou brilliantly sums up how C Kogeelathavi Sinniah & P Jeevaratnam Sinniah, who recently achieved the Executive Brand Director title, approaches their life goals – whether in life or in their business. Fearless, hardworking and dedicated, Kogee is relentless when it comes to “making the impossible, possible” during her journey at Nu Skin.


Previously a flight attendant and also as a single mom, she was also struggling to balance her time between flying and being there for her son. Things weren’t going well and she knew she needed to do something different to change things for the better.


The opportunity came when a friend introduced her to Nu Skin products and business opportunity. Unfortunately, she was very close-minded about it and kept making excuses about why Nu Skin wasn’t for her. The turning point came when, Michelle Liew, who is now her upline, asked her a tough question: since nothing is working out for her, what is she doing to turn her life around?


The question hit her hard as she realized that she had just been indulging in self-pity all this time without doing a single thing to change her situation. She knew that it was time to let go of negative thoughts and open herself to the opportunities in front of her. She decided to start her Nu Skin business as a part-time venture. “While I still have doubts and fears about starting this new business, I went ahead with it and didn’t look back,” Kogee says. “After all, what have I got to lose by giving it a try?”


But like all worthy pursuits, it required her full commitment. Thus, she worked really hard, devoting whatever extra time she had between her work flights and family responsibilities to her Nu Skin business. Eventually, she decided to fully focus on her Nu Skin business after thorough consideration.


Over the years her business flourished and grew but it plateaued at one point, mostly because her interest had waned. She realized that her goals have evolved, and true gratification came from helping others to succeed – success was no longer just about achieving her own goals. It was at this time she found herself gravitating towards helping other women like herself.


“Being able to put a smile on these women’s faces – the feeling of joy is indescribable,” she shares. “My motivation has shifted from what I wanted to how I can help others achieve their goals. I realize now my happiness comes from making an impact on someone’s life. Personal fulfilment aside, that’s what makes my Nu Skin journey a truly rewarding experience.”

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