Joseph Lee

Joseph Lee

Blue Diamond Executive

“Together we STRIKE for the BEST!”


Prior to joining Nu Skin, Joseph was working in IT sector for more than 12 years. He was holding the position as the Senior Manager who oversaw product and marketing for IT hardware distribution in Malaysia. 


“I was getting sick and tired of the corporate life after some time and always ready for change. Hence, I reckon that I should start looking for opportunities elsewhere,” explained the newly crowned Blue Diamond Executive. 


When Joseph was first being introduced to the Nu Skin opportunity, he was immediately attracted by the business opportunity. With his professional background in IT, he knew that technology and innovation are constantly shaping the world. He associates ageLOC technology with the Apple’s revolutionary smartphone technology. Indeed, with the cutting-edge technology of ageLOC, Nu Skin is being identified as the "Apple in the anti-ageing industry" by many others. 


“I started my Nu Skin business on a part-time basis initially but my Nu Skin income has grown at a relatively fast pace and to my amazement, it was on par with my full-time pay check in the fourth month of my Nu Skin journey. I knew for once at that time where I should put my time, effort and focus in,” recalled Joseph.  


Today, Joseph has transformed tremendously from his humble beginning, not just monetary but also physically and mentally. Thanks to Nu Skin, he remains physically and mentally fit in his 40s. 


Achieving Blue Diamond is merely a stepping stone for Joseph, he endeavors to continue inspiring and transforming more lives to live healthier, younger and happier through his Nu Skin journey.