Evans Lee & Kor Nge Lee

Evans Lee & Kor Nge Lee

Executive Brand Director


"A little progress each day makes you better than you were yesterday."


The path to success for Evans Lee & Kor Nge Lee is to keep going and set greater goals, no matter what challenges arise along the way. This is what fuels their passion for their Nu Skin venture and their latest achievement of the Executive Brand Director title is living proof that the combination of hard work, commitment and diligence truly pays off.


Previously a financial planner, Evans got to know about Nu Skin when she was looking for solutions to achieve healthier skin. She had been using different skincare products, but they did not help much. When her friend introduced Nu Skin's G3 to her, she decided to give it a try. “I was really happy that my skin looks better after using the product,” she says. “This instilled my confidence in the brand and encouraged me to learn more about Nu Skin.”


At that time she was dealing with an impasse in her financial planning work. Even though she worked hard to resolve her work issues, there did not seem to be any breakthroughs. That's when she decided to join Nu Skin on a part-time basis. “As I was pleased with the results that Nu Skin products offered me, I was very enthusiastic about sharing my product experience with my friends and family. My network began to grow and I started to see the potential of the health and beauty market,” says Evans.


After some time, she made up her mind to do Nu Skin full-time and from thereon, she whole-heartedly focused on growing her business. "What I love best about my Nu Skin journey is being able to transform people's lives through rewarding business opportunities and innovative products," Evans says. "I am really thankful to those who trusted me all this time."


One of the challenges that Evans faced in her Nu Skin journey was dealing with naysayers who had extremely negative views about the direct selling industry. "We can't control people's prejudice against direct selling. They think it's impossible to succeed in this business." she says. "However, there are many success stories from professionals which show that you can thrive and achieve your goals through this business platform. Of course, like everything else that is worth doing, it would require time, effort and commitment to make the business a success."


Evan's formula to success is simple yet powerful: she believes that it is important to keep the momentum going by constantly having greater goals. "Set your target and keep trying until you reach it," she advises. “I love this quote by Joe E. Lewis: "We only live once. But if we work it right, once is enough."”

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