Chua Mei Hsiang & Chong Wai Hong

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Chua Mei Hsiang & Chong Wai Hong

Blue Diamond Executive

“Set a firm commitment for your success and persevere!”

For someone who never thought she would be an entrepreneur, how did this young lady, a Chartered Accountant by profession end up in Nu Skin?

“In life, sometimes you need a push! I am glad my husband gave me all the encouragement and support. All I needed to do was Decide and Do whatever it took to be successful.  Initially, we never thought of starting a new business, not to mention a network marketing business. We were doing very well in one of the top four leading chartered accountant firms in the world,” says Mei Hsiang.  

Wai Hong adds, “At first, we just joined the activities and attended training programs. It was after we attended several trainings and researched about the company that we saw how incredible the Nu Skin business could be and have been committed ever since.”

As to what her family and friends thought, Mei Hsiang says, “As usual, some were supportive and others were skeptical maybe because they had not seen the power of network marketing with Nu Skin and what we could achieve.”

This go-getter has not only surprised everyone with her achievements, but has also proven that with strong commitment and perseverance, nothing is impossible. “The decision I made to myself was to strive to do my best,” shares Mei Hsiang. “Most people don’t succeed because they take Nu Skin as a part-time side income, or something they’ll try and see. No entrepreneur succeeds in a business with such a mindset. Running this business requires continuous commitment to quality and detail. What you say and do must convey confidence and commitment to moving forward.”

Although challenging at times, Mei Hsiang finds this business to be both exhilarating and rewarding. “The high point of this journey was of course becoming Blue Diamond. Low points – there were too many, but looking back, there are just part of the process. I learned to have faith that things would eventually work out.”

Now that she’s free to do everything she wants to do, Mei Hsiang wants the same for her team members. She is excited to see them reach their financial goals and expand their business further. She is also ready to take on the next challenge – Team Elite.

“My husband has been my greatest mentor. Without him, I don’t think I would have had the belief and perseverance to make it this far. I also have my team to thank – my downlines who have built such a wonderful team and my uplines who have guided me through.”