Christene Chow & Dr Ang

Christene Chow And Dr Ang

Executive Brand Director


“To be true leaders, we preach to inspire our team members through our own transformation, and by this, we can help them to progress.”


10 years ago, Dr Ang and his wife Christene Chow led very different lives. He was a general practioner who worked in the government sector for more than 10 years and owns two clinics; while she runs a beauty salon. By 2011, they realized that the more businesses they got involved in, the more debt they were getting into – they couldn’t achieve their dream of living a better life


“We were struggling as we never had enough time for our kids nor time to take of our health,” says Dr. Ang. “We figured that we would probably have only another 10 years to live if we continue to work ourselves like this.”


The stress led him to gain weight and developed hypertension, more so, high cholesterol levels were in his list of health problems. To regain his health, Dr. Ang started adopting a more active lifestyle, but then, he just can’t succeed, until in 2011, he took up a weight management program from Nu Skin. And he noticed his health has improved! 


After his transformation, the couple had a discussion – they wanted an opportunity to improve their lives but were a bit wary of the Nu Skin platform. “Shortly after we discussed, we decided to take the plunge and did not look back since; I got involved part time and Christene committed to the business full time,” says Dr. Ang.


Loving Nu Skin’s anti-aging technology, at the age of 45, Dr. Ang wants to stay active like it’s his 30s and continue to cycle (his favorite sports) until his 70s.. “To be true leaders, we preach to inspire our team members through our own transformation, and by this, we can help them to progress,” he says. 


The strong, life-changing support they have gotten through Nu Skin has also enabled Dr. Ang to continue serving his community as a doctor, as he is now enjoying some time freedom.


“It means a lot to me to live with honesty and integrity, just like Blake Roney talks about, as I think you can’t be in the Nu Skin system if you’re not honest. I share a dream with my team. If I don’t guide them and just recruit to make money, the network will know that I have no integrity.” says Dr. Ang.


The couple have now achieved their Executive Brand Director title. They went all out to achieve it and were elated when they did. There was nothing else I wanted and the success was there for the taking,” says Dr Ang. “Through this journey, I learned that if I want it, I must fight for it. Now. I know that if I want something, I can surely achieve it.”

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